We often judge one another. Sometimes purposefully and sometimes we do it without even thinking about it. While none of us are perfect, it’s important to remember that: sometimes we are the only allies we have.

Think about it – how often do we witness or hear another person put someone else down… without hesitation and without reservation, and this behavior happens far too often.

We need to stop:

  • Judging each other.
  • Making little comments about other people. We all know the comments I am referring too! The under the breath, snarky comments to our bestie.
  • Rating and comparing ourselves to other people.
  • Judging our own body because of what we see on social media or TV.
  • Looking at other girls and saying, “if he’s attracted to that kind of girl, we’re clearly not right for each other.”

The problem isn’t the other girl. The problem isn’t their clothing. It isn’t their personality. The problem is our own insecurities. I can promise you, on my best days when I am the most confident, I find myself loving other people, not judging them…. Often, when we choose to judge others, it’s because we’re insecure in that own area of our life.

How often do we want another person to just put their hand or heart out to you and say, “I’m here for you”? How often do we want to just be friends with people and have the opportunity go get to know them and hangout with them?

So, take a step back. When you notice yourself or someone else portraying this behavior, think about this:

  • How would you feel if they said the same thing about you?
  • How would you feel knowing that they knew what you said or what you were thinking?
  • Does it truly make you feel better to put others down, even if only in your own head?

Take time and reflect on why we feel the need to compare and why we feel the need to judge others. Let’s take time and love ourselves….

And loving yourself does not start with judging and comparing yourself with other people. Self-love is internal and it will help you love others, too.

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