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“Makeup should never be used to hide yourself. It should be used to enhance your natural beauty.”

Self Love Beauty has recently teamed up with Leslie Perry from Leslie Perry Cosmetics. Leslie is beauty and style expert to helps others unleash their inner beauty so they face every day with poise and confidence.

Like most middle school and teenage girls, I was learning about the world of makeup at a young age. Our models usually are celebrities and our parents are trying to teach us. However, as much as our parents told us we don’t need that much on our faces, we looked to society as that model who yes we should. These days girls will use makeup to create features they don’t have, for example using contouring techniques to create a more chiseled look, or using false lashes and overlining lips to make them look much bigger then they are. I can understand doing this if you’re particularly self-conscious about an aspect of your face, for example, if you’re waiting for a rhinoplasty from one of the Louisville specialists you might use makeup to create the illusion of a different shape until then, but where possible we should embrace our natural looks. I personally never really learned much about make up. I learned the simple tips and then what bronzer was in college (from a Friend ha).

Fast forward almost 8 years (wow!), I decided it was time to have Leslie teach me a few tricks. Not to hide my beauty, but to enhance my features. First and foremost to learn about skin care, ways to wear make up and finding what works for ME.

So buckle up and check out this tutorial 101 between Leslie and I. It is something worth watching as I learn about make up. I know you are just as curious as I was!

Some key tips I did take away:

  1. You can do your makeup in 15 minutes and still look AMAZING! Just FYI these tips help!

  2. Windshield wiper movement isn’t always the best case if you want your make up to last

  3. Blending makes things look softer and more natural

  4. Your face is like a canvas, remember a clean, smooth surface is easier to work with (so wash your face and moisturize)

  5. The dark circles under your eyes aren’t always stress!

  6. Moisturize your face. 

  7. Take makeup off at night. Always. It is a must.

  8. Self-confidence is so important

Be sure to check out the video to learn more and follow us on our journey to continue to enhance natural beauty!