Love Yourself for Who You Are

“The day I let go of the weight of my insecurities, flaws, and search for perfection is the day I was set free. That day I took my first steps towards happiness and self love.”

The pressure for a woman to be perfect has always been set at an unrealistically high level. As time progresses, this idea of perfection only gets worse. Media shows us that we need to have be the ideal height, size, and weight to be beautiful. Our hair and makeup are the things that make us attractive.

Where is the voice of reason that tells our young women than there is more to life than a pretty face and a nice figure? Why don’t more people acknowledge the fact that no one is picture perfect and we all have flaws? It’s no surprise that so many women suffer with low self-esteem and complexes everyday.

We have a generation of young girls aspiring to be perfect dolls, instead of working to be the Queens they are intended to be.

I Had To Accept That I Am Not A Doll

There is More To Me Than What Meets The Eye

I’m not just a woman with a body. I am educated, accomplished, and successful. I have emotions and views backed by experience and research. My brain and heart will outshine my looks on any day. Why? Because I know that my heart and mind are what matter most. As I get older, my looks will change and so will my life. People won’t remember the outfit I wore or how much I spent to enhance my look. They remember how I made them feel and whoI was as a person.

I Am Unique

These days, it seems like all women look the same. They have use the same makeup techniques, dress alike, and mimic the same hair styles. You can blend in if you want but I will not join you. I am different and I’ve learned to embrace it and love it. There will never be another woman quite like me. I’ve come across imitations but never a duplicate. God gave us all different features, personalities, and talents. Let’s take advantage of those instead of becoming one in the crowd. Stand out and dare to be different.

I Do Not Have A Perfect Body

As long as I could remember I struggled with self esteem and let numbers dictate my life: the number on the scale and the number showed my height. I felt too tall, not skinny enough, and I didn’t look like a Victoria’s Secret model. It wasn’t until recently that I’ve learned to accept “those numbers” and embrace them. I have small boobs, big feet, wide hips, and a booty. I have unwanted fat, marks, and scars that I’ve acquired throughout my life. And guess what… that is okay. 34-27-38, I am 5’7 and 134 pounds of fabulous. I may not be someone’s idea of beauty but then again not everyone’s opinions are my idea are relevant.

I Am A Queen.

I Have Control Over Myself

I am in competition with no one but myself. I take responsibility for my actions and learn from my mistakes. I know that I am capable of achieving anything I put my mind to and no one can ever stop me…unless I let them. I can’t control what others do or what they think of me and I have no desire to. I look to make myself proud and happy through my choices.

I Accept My Flaws

No one is perfect and everyone has something they wish they could change about themselves or improve. I allow my imperfections to humble me instead of damaging me. I acknowledge not only flaws but also the many positive attributes I have.

I Am a Queen Of My Inner Beauty

My beauty reigns through my heart, soul, and personality. I volunteer my time, accept others for who they are, and I have the ability to always put a smile on someone’s face. No makeup kit, nails, hair, or clothes could every give me the satisfaction I get from bringing another person positivity. My inner beauty trumps all insecurities I’ll ever have.

“I no longer put my worth and confidence in the hands of others. I am capable, strong, resilient, and phenomenal. I find beauty in myself and others everyday. I am not flawless, but I am confident. I AM A QUEEN.”

Morgan’s article is also on The Odyssey Online Self Love Beauty Community.