Shower yourself with love and watch your soul grow

2017 is a great year for Self-Love

Going into a new year is exciting, full of possibility and potential! But don’t forget; every morning you wake up holds that same potential. Every morning you can start anew. Every moment you can create a more positive energy and outlook for your life. Whether you have never heard of positive affirmations or are a veteran self lover; here are 17 affirmations to help you conquer 2017 and master self love.

For the Curious Beginner:

So maybe you’re new to this, congratulations! Welcome to the wonderful self love club, we are honored to have you. Self love can be intimidating, we all know how intense and powerful love is, but you totally go this! To get started keep it simple, it’s easier to convince yourself of little lovely truths that will soon snowball into magnificent facts that you are confident to shout from the rooftops! These are a few of the first sweet nothings I would quietly whisper to myself when I first started:

1. I am going to be ok.

2. I am Enough.

3. I am Worthy.

4. I am going to be better.

5. I can do this.

For the Blossoming Self Lover:

Maybe you aren’t new to self love and you have been dabbling in it for a while. Now is the time for strong and simple words. You have everything you need within you, take a moment to highlight some traits that have been in the dark for too long and get ready to let your soul shine!

6. I am Smart.

7. I am Kind.

8. I am Strong.

9. I am Capable.

10. I am Awesome.

For the Confident Adventurer:

Maybe you’re already rocking it pretty well on the self love front, get it baby! Maybe you are trying this level of confidence for the first time. The key to confidence is knowing you’ve got it all. Everything you want to be or need in your life is already all there. Start believing in your abilities and watch your confidence and amazingness grow. You already have it all, stop searching, you have it! Believe it!

11. I am a Wonder to Behold.

12. I am Amazing to All.

13. I am Badass!

For the Fucking Fearless:

Maybe you have been a Self Love member for a while now, it’s fun, right? Maybe you are just ready to be done with believing the bullshit lies you’ve been telling yourself for years. Either way, within you in greatness. Within you is so much beauty, love, and everything you have been looking for out in the world. You have it all, rock it!

 14. I am so fucking Loved!

15. I am so fucking Loving!

16. I am so fucking Perfect in this Moment!

17. I love you so fucking much me!

You have the Power

This year, don’t look outside to fulfill what you are craving and needing to fill whatever gap you are experiencing in life. You have everything you need, it’s all been waiting for you to shine a light on it. Allow more light into your soul to help it grow. Love is so powerful! Empower yourself and those around you by loving yourself more this year. Everything in life will unfold before you the more you love you shower on yourself and spill onto others.

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