Be part of the change!

Women having strong influence in society is very important, and can inspire everyone looking up to them. Here are the women who have done that for me.

Oprah Winfrey

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We all know and love her. Oprah is a successful producer, talk show host, philanthropist, and media proprietor. Despite being born to a poor single mother, and suffering from many bad situations, Oprah managed to work her way into the media industry and is now North America’s first and only multi-billionaire African American. Way to go Oprah!!!

Rowan Blanchard

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Rowan Blanchard is a fifteen year old actress, feminist, and human rights activist. She began acting at age 5, and is now a main character in the Disney series “Girl Meets World”. She uses her influence to speak out in her beliefs, including speaking at the UN women and the US National Committee’s annual conference, in support of he for she, a feminist movement. A person so young being able to voice her opinions so fluently is truly inspiring.

Michelle Obama

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Our fantastic FLOTUS. Michelle LaVaughn Robinson Obama is the first lady of the United States, a Princeton AND Harvard graduate, a lawyer, and an advocate for poverty awareness and a healthy lifestyle. This is one fabulously strong woman,

Gloria Steinem

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Gloria is a feminist who began her activism in the feminist movement of the 1960s and early 1970s. She is a journalist, founded “Ms. Magazine”, and co founded the Woman’s Media Center with Jane Fonda and Robin Morgan. She has played a very big role in the feminist movement. This woman is truly spectacular.

Dorothy Pittman Hughes

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Dorothy is yet another fantastic feminist. She is an African American activist, public speaker, child welfare advocate, co founder of “Ms Magazine” and the Women’s Action Alliance with Gloria Steinem. She toured with Gloria around the US in the 1970s, speaking about race, gender, and class, and still speaks out today.