Natty Valencia Not About Your Waist

Recently, Meghan Trainor has become famous because of her song ‘All About That Bass‘. This song jumped the charts as maybe women can relate to this song because of the big package they carry in the back and how many women are not a size 2. Coming from someone that isn’t even remotely close to that size, I loved the song because of the lyrics and also because of the great beat it brings.

After Megan become famous on this song, Natty Valencia wrote an amazing cover song called ‘Not About Your Waist’. She pretty much blew me away with the lyrics and her comments on writing it.

She made some great points that I thought were very interesting. It is about how as a society we all say we are fat shaming but really we are body shaming all together. We either are telling girls they don’t need to be a size two or telling them to lose weight and look a certain way. We always say real women have curves but honestly some women do not have curves at all and we cannot call them ‘skinny bitches’ because of it. All women come in different shapes and sizes, different color, different height, different eye color and all. We should be celebrating these physical traits instead of telling girls they need to be A, B or C to get a man or get the acceptance of society. What is wrong with being your own person? Why is being independent and taking care of yourself not okay?

“It’s not about your waist so don’t settle

for a guy that has no taste.” 

Natty’s lyrics are pretty great. I love that she says it’s not about your waist so don’t settle for a guy that has no taste. That we should make room for kindness because real beauty is something that you cannot replace. Which I agree completely is true, we forget about what real beauty is sometimes and that cannot be replaced by a certain body image. She goes on to say that we should stop using Photoshop because every each of us is perfect. Also how if a guy is looking for a plastic fantasy like on TV that he probably does not deserve you. Which is so true settling for a man that want fake and not true beauty is just so undeserving of your amazing heart.

Each song has great meanings to them. Instead of shaming people for their bodies we should be embracing everyone for their kindness, character and everything good about them. Take a moment to love yourself and remind yourself just how beautiful you are inside and out.