Selena Gomez Self Love Beauty

Last night the AMAs (America Music Awards) were on. I usually watch them every year with my friends and we always check out the latest outfits or what crazy things will be happening. However this year, one thing caught my eye more than any crazy performance, wild outfit or anything. It was a performance by Selena Gomez. As they announced her, they explained the song was very personal to her. As she was about to perform, my friend explained to me more about the song. I listened to her voiceover to start it out, I listened to the lyrics through the whole song and her emotions as she sang it, ending with tears.

Selena Gomez, is a name everyone knows.

She is beautiful, has an amazing voice and is a celebrity who we believe has it all right?

Recently, Selena went through a break up and she wrote a song about it. It wasn’t the normal I hate you break up song but it was carried with such emotion and about her own experience.

That very moment, I gained so much more respect for her. She took a very personal experience and wasn’t afraid to show the world what she had gone through. She used her music career to help others know that they are not alone when it comes to break ups. Even celebrities go through the pains of ending a relationship or having a no good boyfriend.

She starts the video with saying

“When I was on, I was on stage and I was thinking of…I felt like I know, I know him though and I know his heart and I know what he wouldn’t do to hurt me. But I didn’t realize that feeling so confident, feeling so great about myself, and then it just be completely shattered by one thing, by something so stupid. But then you make me feel crazy, you make me feel like it’s my fault, I was in pain.”

What I found interesting about the beginning of her song is how she pointed out that she was confident and feeling great and something like a break up, a boy could shatter it and how stupid that was. For any successful woman out there, you know exactly what she is talking about. You work so hard for everything, to be successful and be happy, and one little thing can make you feel emotions you did not want to.

I envy Selena. She used her faith to get through it and her support system. Out of all the heart break, she was able to share with the world in a very personal song. I think it is great when women take the chance to share their personal experience with others. It shows that money, power and a higher status doesn’t change what your heart wants and it doesn’t change how people still will treat you.

I understand from my own experiences the chorus of Selena’s song she performed

“The bed’s getting cold and you’re not here, the future that we hold is so unclear, but I’m not alive until you call, and I’ll bet the odds against it all, save your advice ’cause I won’t hear, you might be right but I don’t care, there’s a million reasons why I should give you up but the heart wants what it wants.”

Sometimes you cannot help what your heart wants. Heart breaks are hard for everyone. You are not alone. There is however a light at the end of the tunnel on your pursue to move on.