Love yourself self love beauty

Dear Sweet Woman,

Come, sit down. I want to tell you something. Yes you. You are BEAUTIFUL. You are AMAZING. And you are SO TALENTED. But more than that you are INSPIRING and so many people look up to.

However there is one problem and I feel like I need to be the one to tell you. Please stop and smell the roses, stop to breath, stop to rest and stop to give yourself that treat every now and then.

I know you are buzzing around trying to save all your friends problems, trying to go out of your way to make them happy and more so putting all their problems and need in front of yours. You are trying to succeed in work, either being a mom or a good friend or maybe both, you are trying to juggle so many things all with a smile on your face and let me tell you you do a great job.

But don’t forget about yourself. 

I know you want to save the world, make a huge difference and inspire others and I know you will. You have the courage, determination and faith to get through anything. You surround yourself with strong people and you continue to help those that need to learn to help themselves,

I know after you read this you will continue to move as fast as you can. I know you will continue to save the world and succeed in your career but do me one favor, rest.

Rest those pretty eyes for they are exhausted, rest that body for you need your health to continue to do everything you want and rest that mind sometimes it is okay to turn it off for a day. Give yourself that piece of chocolate you have been wanting to have and read that book you have not had time for yourself.

This is not a selfish move, I promise because I know what you are thinking that, but it isn’t. Its a treat, one minor treat for all the amazing things you do for me, for your friends and family.

I love you, we all love you and that is why it is your turn to rest, your turn to turn the focus on yourself instead of others.

Love Always,