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Elite Daily is one of the top places I go to read articles. I recently read this article called What Really Makes A Woman Beautiful. I just found this article very true and interesting.

It starts by sharing that ‘The life of a woman is one of comparison — constant and critical comparison.’ I agree completely. We always find ourselves comparing what we have and what we look like to others. Its a shame really that we can’t see our true beauty. We base beauty off of clothes, the latest fashion and everything with that. But that is not what truly makes a woman beautiful.

What makes a woman beautiful is the kindness in her heart, how she treats others and how she shows her faith. Instead of seeing these things we give into everything that society tells us is beautiful. How she laughs, her smile, how she shows strength and determination through the hardest times and how she sees the beauty in others.                       

As woman we need to start believing in self-image and believing we are beautiful for our qualities and gifts we bring to the world. Instead of telling others they are ‘pretty’ we need to tell them why we think they are beautiful by saying by their ambition, faith, heart, etc.

This article was one that reminded me that we fight to fit societies image of beautiful instead of what really makes a woman that way.

Like the article says:

“Beauty is in the details, in the flaws, in the presence of the woman.”

It also explains that

“There is no definition of beauty because there is no single defining quality. There are a million things about a woman that are beautiful and each one is as unique and desirable as the next. Every woman is the epitome of beauty in her own right.”

Find your beautiful and show the world your strengths through it.