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Written by Contributor Writer Alee’a Ulsh-Cherry

A,B,C. It’s easy as 1,2,3! No, I’m not going to be talking about the Jackson 5’s song “ABC.” I’m talking about all of the different variations of curls. Some girls and even women have issues with their curls because they can be tough to handle. Certain types of curly hair require more treatment and attention than others. Also, certain curl patterns need particular products to be able to produce the best results. Curls can be your best friend and they can be your worst enemy. It’s a love hate relationship. But, no matter how much hassle your curls can bring, at the end of the day make sure to know that your curls are one of a kind and because of that you have to find you own way to take care and embrace them. They’re yours to have forever, why not treat them like the stars that they are?

Dove has been campaigning to help girls learn to love their curls and Self Love Beauty feels the same way. We need to love everything about yourself.

Identify Your Curl Pattern:

Having curly hair is a unique trait and the first step to loving your curls is to identity which curl pattern you have. This is important because this can help you while you research what to do with your type of hair. There are many charts available online, but you will have to find one that fits your liking. The numbers can range from 1 to 4 and the letters range from A to C. The combination that your hair is depends upon how prevalent your curls are.

Find Your Fit:

Like I said before, everyone’s curls are unique! The charts online are meant to provide a basis for what your hair can be categorized into You may not fit into a specific category. Your hair may be a mixture of two different types. As for me, I am a mixture between 3A and 3B. The strands of my hair resemble both types of curls. Now that I can identity a basis for where my hair lies, I can do research on how to treat it. With research you can come across others with hair that looks just like yours. This is where you are exposed to different types of shampoo, conditioner, and hair products that can potentially work wonders for your curls.

Trial and Error:

You might find that the treatment plan others use on theirs might not work on yours. Don’t let that discourage you though. This is where trial and error comes in- the hate part in the relationship with your curls. There are tons of products out in stores for curly hair. Products can range from curl cream, curl smoothie, hair masque, and many more. Make sure to branch out, mix and match, and swap out because this is how you discover what works for your hair. Don’t be afraid of the monetary investment because there are many stores that have return policies that allow you to return a product within a certain amount of days if it isn’t satisfactory for a full refund. Make sure to confirm that the store you’re purchasing from honors that policy.

Share Your Findings:

Whether you blog it, Youtube it, or even tweet it there is always another fellow curly haired girl looking for answers on how to treat her hair. Sharing your personal journey can help someone along their journey as well. Sharing also helps those see that curly hair is beautiful and although it can involve tedious processes, it’s worth it in the end. When you find the formula for your perfect curls, it’s the best feeling in the world.perfect this way self love beauty

Flaunt Your Curls:

Curly hair can be portrayed as nappy, tangly, and even frizzy. These types of words are the reason why curly haired girls resort to straightening their hair which results in damaged hair. But, despite those words curly haired girls need to understand that their hair is a gift. It’s a gift that needs to be treasured and appreciated despite its flaws. Curly hair is beautiful in every aspect whether it’s a 2A type that’s wavy or a 4C type that is kinky. Let your hair down, shake it out, flip it back and forth and no matter what your type is remember to #LoveYourCurls!

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