I recently had coffee with an old coworker of mine. We both share many things in common and we got on the topic of being insecure. Through our whole conversation, we agreed on one thing- everyone is insecure in some way

As much as we all have confidence in some forms of our lives and some of us have more confidence in general than others, we all share one thing in common. We all have insecurities and I think to a point that is something we should all realize.

Your bullies, the ones that try to bring you down, your best friend, your mother, your enemy and even that boy that didn’t want to commit all have insecurities.

Sometimes I think we each go through hard times because when we see something that someone else has that we want, we think they have it all. Or that when we feel we should be at a different stage like other people, we feel inadequate or lesser. We don’t realize that even those we may look up to or feel challenged by have insecurities too, just in different ways.

The more I write and focus on self image topics with men and women, the more I learn about what they go through versus what I go through. It amazes me how much each of us hide behind these insecurities and how much we don’t know about one another.

There are many women I have been envious of for either their kindness, looks, body or ambition but instead of being envious I should understand they also have insecurities and to use what I like about them as ambition to grow myself.

I have this one friend- she is kind, compassionate, a smaller size, amazing boyfriend, amazing family life and always striving for the best. She, in my eyes, has it all. Recently, she went through something terrible, just like any other twenty year old does. It brought out a lot of stuff she kept hidden behind the enviable aspects of her life. I saw a side of her that honestly only brought us closer because we were able to connect through our vulnerabilities. It is amazing how sometimes the people we think have it all in our eyes, actually share something like insecurities with us.

So next time you feel as though you are off in one way or another, remember we are all insecure in some way. We can be secure in the idea that everyone else has insecurities as well.