Body Shaming Self Love Beauty

Recently  The Barre Code Metro Detroit owners Lindsay Irrer and Janelle Fox were featured on Detroit’s WXYZ on the fight against body shaming. Body shaming is defined as inappropriate negative statements and attitudes toward another person’s weight or size.

Body Shaming Self Love BeautyBoth Lindsay and Janelle have dealt with body shaming throughout their lives, but have turned the negative into a positive by opening up their own fitness center.  I had the opportunity to talk to owner Lindsay a little more how she has used this negative to bring positive.

Lindsay has been a dancer for many years and now as owner of a business in the fitness industry, she knows what it feels like to experience body shaming. The difficult reality behind this topic is that she now understands she is not alone in this experience. Just recently, Ariel Winter from Modern Family and Selena Gomez  have also spoken out about their challenges regarding this important issue.

Lindsay places a very high value on personal authenticity, and works hard to be transparent regarding the amazing and challenging things within her own life. Lindsay wants to remove the isolation that bullying and body shaming can cause for others.

“It’s amazing how, in times of struggle, people can find their greatest strength. At the end of the day it is a personal choice, to not allow anything but positive thoughts to be within you.” – Lindsay Irrer

As a fitness instructor, Lindsay has the opportunity to challenge women in her fitness classes to not only focus on developing their outer strength – but also the grit and determination that builds their strength within. She encourages her students to take those internal qualities intensified within The Barre Code studio room and apply it to their careers and their relationships.

“It is my mission to help women realize what our healthy, capable bodies are truly made for – using their added endurance to be able to run outside longer with their children, or their newfound strength to hug their loved ones even closer. Those are the things that matter.” – Lindsay Irrer

While the products at The Barre Code are fitness classes that are results-driven, this business truly is about empowering and uplifting women. Lindsay and Janelle’s ultimate goal is to encourage women to feel comfortable in their skin and to love their bodies. They focus on what there is to gain from health and wellness – never on what there is to lose.

Lindsay’s advice to anyone being body shamed is to remember that we can only control what is within us. Happiness and confidence are like the muscles in our bodies – and the stronger we can build them and consciously shift our thinking to self-acceptance, the better we will be at realizing what miraculous gifts our bodies truly are.

Be part of the change and join Janelle, Lindsay, The Barre Code and the Self Love Beauty in the fight against body shaming. Check out more about this studio on their Facebook page.