Normalizing Feminism

In the great scheme of things, I am very young and even as I continue to grow and learn, there is something about me that I will never change.

I am a feminist.

Simply speaking, I believe that women should have the exact same rights as men. There is a popular misconception that feminists hate men (also known as misandry) but the definition states that it is about equality, making that false. I also believe that society has much to improve on in the area of gender equality, and I will never stop fighting until it does. I am proud of who I am and what I believe in.

So why am I so afraid to express it?

We live in a society where many people think the word “feminism” is taboo. People all around me waste no time proclaiming their religion or their political views no matter how potentially offensive, and yet I`m afraid to simply tell them I am a feminist.

Many people judge and hate feminists, and I am attempting to understand why. Are people just simply lumping misandry and feminism together? Are empowered women simply too threatening? Is the internalized misogyny implanted in many women coming out?

I am not sure.

None of these reasons are truly based off of what feminism is, but rather off of misconceptions and misogyny.

Don’t Be Afraid of the F-Word

I want people to understand that they don`t have to be afraid of the f-word. Feminism is a wonderful thing, what is not to love about equality? We as humans need to support each other; men, women, non-binaries.

Don`t let people who are afraid of equality and progress taint your opinions on feminism.

“Don’t allow men who hate women to define feminism as women who hate men.” – John Marcotte

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