Mandatory Credit: Photo by Henry Lamb/Photowire/BEI / Rex Features (1956643du) Victoria Secrets Fashion Show Finale Victoria's Secret Fashion Show, Lexington Armory, New York, America - 07 Nov 2012 Victoria's Secret Fashion Show, self love beauty

Written by Contributor Writer Kelsey Horn

Everyone always seems to hate on the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show every year it happens. All I see are comments about how skinny the Angels are, how demeaning it is to women, etc. But I’ve never been one to follow the trends.

Building Each Other Up

Beyond the themes of the show, I saw a very positive and empowering theme among the Angels. The Angels were so supportive of one another during the show’s behind-the-scenes segments. They never cut each other down, belittled each other, or talked about each other’s backs. They were genuinely happy for the other girl’s successes.

They set an example that many individuals should follow. This is something we continue to work for in society and the Angels are a great example of this.


One show of support that really stood out to me was the casting process of Gigi Hadid. Her story started with her talking about her lifelong dream of being a Victoria’s Secret Angel. She would practice walking the catwalk during the commercial breaks in her room and talked to everyone in high school about her dream. Finally, her dreaming and hard work paid off when she got a callback from Victoria’s Secret. They filmed her final audition and when she was chosen to be an Angel, she cried tears of happiness. The other Angels ran out to her and welcomed her with open arms. They all told her how proud they were of Gigi for achieving her dreams.

Another empowering moment in the show was the reveal of who was to wear the exclusive Fantasy Bra. The Angel who best exemplifies what it means to be a Victoria’s Secret Angel is chosen. Through the years, Tyra Banks, Heidi Klum, and Adriana Lima have been the lucky recipients of the coveted Fantasy Bra. This year’s honoree was Lily Aldridge. When she was announced, the Angels flocked to her and congratulated her while she cried and smiled. The other Angels were so proud of Lily and told her how much she deserved to don the $2 million lingerie set encrusted with rare gems.

Women Empowering Women

Throughout the night, the Angels talked about who took the best selfies and who did amazing during their walk down the runway. Throughout the night, they were the embodiment of women supporting other women. Women everywhere could take a lesson or two from them on how to be a better friend to their lady friends. It’s better than dreaming of the things you would do for a pair of their wings.

Join Self Love Beauty, Victoria Secret and the many other companies working together to help women out there. Support each other, be part of the change, not the problem.