Christmas Self Love Beauty

Written By Contributor Writer Heather Clark

Christmas. We’ve been celebrating it for as long as we can remember. Neighborhoods are filled with lights and decorations, Christmas music can be heard anywhere we go, and presents are placed under the tree quicker than we realize. It’s the time of year that many look forward to, a time for happiness and joy. As a kid, December would come and it’d be torturous slowly waiting 25 days for the wonderful holiday. The day couldn’t come soon enough. My sister and I would wake up early as can be, jump on my brother’s bed and then my parent’s to wake them up, and run out to the living room to see what Santa brought for us. The Christmas season would give me that feeling, one I’m sure many have had but can’t describe. Back when we believed in the North Pole, little elves making our presents, and Santa’s sleigh flying in the sky, it was easy to love Christmas.

Once the magic of Christmas morning fades, it becomes a new day for many of us. Instead of waiting for presents, we go out and buy them for family and friends. Instead of waking up early to see what’s under the tree, we don’t mind sleeping in a little bit longer. As much happiness and joy Christmas can bring, we begin to feel the stress of the holiday sneaking up on us. Each year comes more quickly than the last and we start to feel the pressure of getting everything done on time. The holiday can be stressful, but it’s still something we can look forward to every year. Although we no longer receive that “Christmas feeling”, why not love Christmas like a kid?

It’s the season of giving, not getting

Christmas is an opportunity to show the people in your life how much happiness they bring you! Isn’t it a wonderful feeling when you give your family and friends something they absolutely love? Regardless of the present you buy them, I’m sure having you in their presence is a gift of it’s own. In addition, Christmas shows us the importance of giving a little bit extra to those who aren’t as blessed as we are. We recognize what we have and attempt to spread happiness to those in need. Smile when you’re wrapping and sing while you’re baking, and remember that this is a season of giving, not getting.

We’re reminded of the love of family

During the rest of the year, it’s difficult to make quality time with our family. We have so much on our plate sometimes we forget to spread love to those who raised us. Christmas is the time we gather with our parents, our grandparents, our cousins, and our friends. Although rushing from house to house can seem quite stressful, we need to take a moment and appreciate those surrounding us. We’re embraced with memories, laughter, and care, and it shows us how much we are truly loved.

We can still enjoy the magic

So even though we’re aware Santa doesn’t come sliding down a chimney on Christmas Eve, it doesn’t mean Christmas can’t be magical. Embrace yourself in the traditional movies, dance to popular songs, and enjoy the holiday season. We can go ice-skating or go see the lights, or take the little ones to go see Santa. Christmas doesn’t have to be just another day. It’s as wonderful as we make it.

Christmas may not be the same as when we were five, but it can still be our favorite holiday. There are plenty of things to get excited about. I hope every one of you have a very Merry Christmas and enjoy the day just as much as you did in the past. Always remember, it’s still possible to love Christmas like a kid.