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Obviously, when I came across Lisa Thompson’s site, Self Love Beauty, it stopped me dead in my Twitter tracks. Self? Love? Beauty??? Yes and please!

What was an even bigger joy to find was that the woman behind the blog, Lisa, a 25-year-old Midwesterner with a genuine desire to support others, was a doll and a half.

@SelfLoveBeauty: Helps remind women how special they are, to see their true beauty, have self love and feel empowered one story at a time.

We hopped on the phone, got to know each other, and I’m just so happy that she exists. I’m so happy that her mission is what it is. We need more of her in this world.

Naturally, I wanted to share my discovery with you guys. So here, in all of its glory, is my Q&A with Lisa, where she gets real about why she started this helpful resource for women like you and me, what lights her up, and what we can hope to see from her in the future.

On your site you explain that “This blog was put together to show everyone that other people around them go through the same things as them daily and to help them find their true beauty and self-love.” What were some of the life experiences you went through that prompted the creation of the blog?

This blog was definitely created because of my personal experiences. When I was in college, I faced being bullied, having my heart broken, not being happy with my body, finding myself and trying to love myself, the list goes on! As I became close friends to multiple women through college, I learned they were facing the same problems as I was. They all were facing problems such as getting their heart broken, wondering what was wrong with them because they weren’t getting asked out like their friends, being bullied, having other women cut them down and continue to have lower confidence even though they were amazing women. As I continued to learn I wasn’t alone in these areas, I felt the need to share my own personal stories and stories of others to let other women know that they are not alone in this journey. The more we surround ourselves with those who build us up – the stronger and happier you and those around you become.

You have a list of beautiful passions. How did you become so clear on what they were?

I do have some wonderful passions that I am extremely proud of! These passions became clear to me when I would start working on different projects throughout my life. I would start to have a huge smile on my face when I was doing one of them. I started to notice a trend of happiness when I was working one of these passions vs. when I was spending my time elsewhere. I believe you should always do what you love and follow your passions. I still hold my full time job at a fortune 500 company and find time for my other passions as well.

When did you know you were really on to something with Self Love Beauty?

Truthfully, when it is all I can think about! Self Love Beauty is such a big part of my life and when I share experiences of my own or have the opportunity to share others experiences, I know we are headed in the right direction. We just held our first ever “Girls Night Out” with a boutique and it was amazing that more than 30 women came out. I got to meet such amazing people who read my blog and want to empower and lift each other up. It is amazing to see how many of us want the same thing in society and it helps push me that much more with my blog.

What has been the biggest surprise since you started building your community?

The feedback I started to receive. It was amazing to understand that you are helping others understand they are not alone in this journey. I think I also was surprised that men have reached out to me and said it is helped them understand what women go through too.

Where do you hope to take Self Love Beauty?

That is a great question! My vision for Self Love Beauty continues to grow, but my ultimate goal is to have a site where women can continue to go to feel empowered and help women to believe in their own beauty. I want to inspire, I want my site to grow to more than just a site, but a place where women feel the information is beneficial and trusted. Eventually, I would love to start partnering with other companies that have the same aspirations as I do, to make an even bigger impact.

What are the last three beauty items you purchased and loved?

Sparkly nail polish, my first tube of red lipstick and a red lace dress for a wedding

Reveling in a relationship, single and loving it, or Tindering?

Single and loving it!!

What can you never leave home without?

My phone and a water bottle with lemons in it

The book I’m currently reading is…

The current book I am reading is called: “Kisses from Katie: A story of relentless love and redemption” by Katie Davis.


A BIG thanks to Lisa for answering my Q’s! For more from Lisa and Self Love Beauty, you can follow them onTwitter, Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest.