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The first time I went to The Strong Movement website, the first thing I saw was “Hey Strong Girl” and I instantly knew this was a site that I wanted to spend some time on and get to know the person behind the site.

The Strong Movement was started by Ailis Garcia, a strong woman who continues to want others to feel strong, enjoy fitness and love themselves through the process. How awesome is that?

I recently had the opportunity to talk to Ailis and I couldn’t be more excited to share more about her movement.

I love your brand. I love what you represent. Why did you decide to do create this movement?

Thank you for the kind words! I gained the “Freshman 15” while I was in college and really wanted to find a way to gain more energy and confidence, so I started learning how to workout properly in the gym and fuel my body with the right nutrition.  Friends started to notice, so they asked me to train them and create custom meal plans and workouts for them.  The weight room can be very intimidating for women and I realized there wasn’t a resource for college girls or women, in general, to go to to get all of the information they need, in one place, to build both a strong body and a strong mind.  So, I decided to create that resource and help women look and feel their best with the confidence to go along with it!

I read, “The Strong Movement was created to inspire women to build both strong bodies and strong minds through fitness, nutrition, healthy living, personal growth and development and active wear” – what does that mean to you?

We accomplish this through our online blog, our Free Strong Girl Community, as well as the products we offer.  I wrote the Strong Girl Guides for women who want a complete nutrition plan, 8-week workout plan and lifestyle guide—a healthy living and mindset guide to help women set the right game plan and accomplish their goals.  Our Strong Girl Journal helps women track and measure their progress—mentally and physically.  And, our Activewear line is made in the USA and was designed for fit, fashion and function.

Out of all the success of this movement, what is the one thing that made you stick to making this happen for yourself?

There’s no one thing or secret.  I regularly speak to all different groups of women—college girls, recent grads, working professionals, etc and I share many steps to success.  Believing in yourself is crucial in stronganything that you do.  But, at the end of the day, nothing replaces good old hard work day in and day out.

What is the best part of this movement for you?

The fact that I can help women gain confidence and become the best version of themselves is amazing!  The Strong Movement has also become a platform and large community of women that support each other in accomplishing their goals and dreams—and that really is something so special!

What is one thing someone told you, you couldn’t do and you proved them wrong?

Great question.  Honestly, I don’t focus on the things people have told me I couldn’t do.  I’ve always believed I could do anything I set my mind to (within realistic reason, obviously).  With that said, one thing I’ve had to learn how to deal with is constant rejection!  After I graduated, I set out to start my hosting career while creating The Strong Movement.  And, although I earned a spot on the LA Dodgers line-up as one of their hosts within 3 years of graduating, those 3 years were filled with a lot of auditions and a lot of “no’s.”

What is the best advice you could give to women?

Every day I post a Daily Inspo on the Strong Movement blog!  It’s my tidbit, note and inspiration for the day where I share my thoughts on different topics.  I think my best advice, right now, is — nothing beats hard work—period.

What is your favorite food?

I love Pizza!  I could eat it everyday- haha!  I like to make healthy pizzas at home to satisfy my pizza cravings!

If you could indulge for a day doing anything with anyone what would you do?

I’m the happiest girl in the world when I get to spend a day with my boyfriend and my family!

What are your goals in 5 years for this movement?

To continue to help women become their best and accomplish their goals!

Besides your work on this movement, do you have any other passions?

I love to read and travel!  Something, I don’t get to do enough of right now.

Make sure to join The Strong Movement.