“Once you become fearless, life becomes limitless.”

When I was 24, it was the year of strength and now living fearless is my new motto at 26. I could always say I have done what I wanted without fear, but that would one of the biggest lies. There are some things I definitely fear in life and other times there are things I have not feared.

As I turned 26 in April, I have continued to learn more about myself; What I want, who I want to surround myself with and what my true passions are.

However one thing continues to stand out, some things in life make me very fearful.

I wish I could explain why because sometimes in life I get past the fear quickly and in other moments I let fear be the one in charge.

So what does “Live Fearless” really mean? It means:

  1. Not letting the past run your life
  2. Not letting rejection scare you
  3. Going after the guy or girl you want
  4. Going after the job you have wanted 
  5. Quitting friendships, relationships or the careers that are not making you happy
  6. Traveling where you have been dreaming of, even if it means going along 
  7. Trying new fitness exercises and centers even if you are scared you won’t do well the first time 
  8. Trying something new that you have been telling yourself you would do someday 
  9. Loving yourself every day even when you don’t feel 100%

It means stop living in fear of the unknown. It means trying new things and not being afraid. It means having confidence in yourself that you will be alright.

We all have our own stories, our own issues but at the end of the day living fearless will continue to help you grow, succeed and the list goes on.

I promise you it will be worth it, I face the decision daily to let fear hold me back or continue to follow my dreams.

So what is holding you back? What are you trying to do differently to live the life you want?

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