Looking Within Yourself

While writing in my journal today I thought I would share what I wrote because it really does start with enrolling yourself in Self-Love.

First of all lets start with a few things that I am grateful for:

  • My job-to be able to take care of life necessities.
  • Breath-without this I would not have life.
  • Creativity-being able to see things differently.
  • Ambition-not being afraid to try new things and go after what I want.

When writing what you are grateful for I think it is important to dig deep within yourself. Being grateful for your vision because without this you wouldn’t be able to see the mountains or being grateful for the sense of smell, without this you wouldn’t be able to smell the delicious cookies in the oven. So many small things to be grateful for that we take for granted. Not because we mean to, but maybe because we are just too busy or we think it is a given to have these things.

With that said, I feel like it is important to know that this is a work in progress.

We Are All Human

Sometimes I lose my temper and say things I don’t mean, I am by any means not perfect.

I wake up, the kids will already start fighting. I am trying to keep them together so I can at least get them to school on time. One is crying because they wan’t to wear something that hasn’t been washed, the other is crying because she has a visible zit on her face. Everything about the morning tests my patience more than anything during the day I am sure of it.

Then I go to work, as a server, where some days every guests is unhappy with their food not being to their liking. Or they had to wait 1 minute for me to go to the table and it is unacceptable to their standards, while I stand there with a smile and keep it together.

Then go get the kids from school, and guess what, they are fighting seconds after getting in the car! I take a deep breath and just remember they are kids. Not only are they kids but siblings and I am pretty sure that is what they do!

Accepting Yourself

With all this said, I am a work in progress, I am putting in the work to become a better me. I am teaching myself the act of patience and staying calm through meditating every morning and thinking about the positive side of things. I am showing myself the life around me that sometimes I am too narrow-minded and/or too busy to notice is beautiful.

Once I started loving myself and realized how amazing I am with all of the qualities God gave me, I then started noticing all the beauty around me. One day I will miss the kids wanting to fight each other, I will miss being able to work and serve the guest that was not to nice. It starts with you, love yourself, sit down and think about what makes you great and life will start building around you.

Self-Love is the beginning of this journey, if you don’t love yourself, what is there?

Here is a little challenge for you to help you get started!

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About the contributor writer 

My name is Heather Ramirez, I live in Southern Arizona and I am a mother of 3 awesome children.   I work full time at a job that I am happy with, as it gives me the flexibility to spend most of my time with my family.  I have been through life with its ups and downs, and at times never thought I would make it out.  However over the years I have found that I am just now living.  I have a purpose here and that is to help others, to show them that there is more to life that what they may be living.  To help them find their self love, trust and inner peace and truly be awake!