Tonight I went on a date. Yes a date with food, drinks and conversations, not Netflixs and chill. Where you change your outfit four times for a guy you don’t even know if you are going to like.Get the nervous butterflies when they pick you up.

I did that. Yes ladies and gents, I am back to dating. Thanks to tough love given by a guy friend, as he knows I have been head over heels for another guy for over six months…but that of course is another blog post another day.

If I am being honest, I haven’t been on a date since October of 2015, when I went one date and before that I haven’t been on a date since May of 2015.

So my question to all my readers….does dating ever get less awkward? Do you ever get less nervous?

Because I am a pretty easy going person and it doesn’t matter who the date is with if I have known them for a while or just starting to hang out, I get nervous.

If you are wondering already, yeah the date was fun, he was cute, it was great conversation. Of course though, when the check comes, it is awkward, we give the awkward hug and then “let’s hang out again”…. as we both decide if we actually want to do this again. This time, we mutually want to go out again unlike other times before. I made a deal with my guy friend if I enjoyed myself just a little I have to give the three date rule that he follows because “you don’t really know the person until after the third date.” 

However on the date, I kept thinking, dating is so not for me, he is great and where do you go from here. The whole I am thinking about okay we like the same things, oh he likes to do that oh I don’t, or sweet we could totally have some fun over that and then I realized… he was just as nervous as me for the fact that we both talked about the same amount.

Are You Ready?

Ladies, I think I have the answer but I would LOVE to heard your thoughts. Do you ever think you are ready to date? Because in my eyes, I don’t think anyone is fully ready, but its more about putting yourself out there, meeting new people and learning about yourself. I can tell you it was so nice to meet someone new, learn about them and get dressed up and feel beautiful in my own skin.

Why Wait?

I think a lot of times in life, we wait to be ready before we go put ourselves there, but if we are being honest with ourselves, I don’t think we are ever ready. Ready for the date, ready for the next step in your life, the tragedy, or anything. But that’s the beauty of life, things come and change and that makes it better.

Tough Love

After the tough love conversation with my guy friend, I realized I wait, I wait for the moments that are perfect to tell the guy how I feel, I wait for them to come after me over me saying what I want, when it comes to fearing something I fear relationships, and I have no idea why. All other things in my life I go all out on, I always fight for what I want but not with love.

The tough love changed my thought process, I can either continue to be fearful of committing through dating or go after that. I mean honestly when are you ever going to be fully ready; you never will be. Some days you think you will be but other days it flips.

So Are You Ready?

No, you probably aren’t. I am not. I am scared for the next date, what if I like him? What if I don’t? And the list of What ifs continue… but that doesn’t mean you stop because of the what ifs, it means you go after them to find out instead of wondering.

So if you are wondering what I am thinking, no you are not ready to date, you are not ready for a lot of things BUT you are ready to find yourself, for the next chapter, for another beautiful moment.