See your beauty Self Love Beauty Lisa Thompson

Written by guest blogger Lauren Darlington

See these two photos, they are of the same sunrise, just captured at different angle. Notice how the left is duller and less eye catching than the right? Still beautiful but warpped by the reflection pictured? Yet you can still see the lush colors and shades danced across the sky? Now, notice how the right is breathtaking? There is no other word, the beauty is clear, captivating and stunning. Notice the way you can’t help but look at it and it’s beauty? These images represent us, us and our reflections.

We are full of beauty.

We are all full of beauty. As we are right now, with what we were blessed with, we are beautiful. Yet this isn’t always clear for us too see. Our beauty is clear to others. Ever notice how often people will compliment us on things we just don’t see? Because our view is tainted. Tainted by our reflections, and I don’t just mean the mirror.

Think for a moment what drives our reflections, what shifts the view it reflects to us? Whether it’s society, the media, others expectations or the main culprit- our expectations. These drive what that piece of glass reflects to us. Ever notice how some days you feel you look beautiful and others you feel you appear dull? Ever thought what else was going on on this day? Ever wondered what other factors were at play? Maybe you spent the morning flicking through social media or a magazine and felt insecure after. Maybe you remember something someone said about you a year ago. Whatever it is, something else may have been at play. Tainting our reflection.

There are so many variables that can be at play, yet we take our reflection as gospel at times; allowing it to dictate our mood, outfit or activities for the day. Why do we give so much power to a figment of our mental state of mind at the time? After all, that piece of glass or camera or old photo does not show your soul, the way you love or the way, like this sunrise, you brighten life around you.

But… have you truly looked at yourself?

Have you ever stopped to realize you have never truly seen yourself. All we see are reflections of ourselves. So how do we even look? I think it’s a pretty special mystery if you ask me. You never know how you look when you’re thinking, laughing, kissing, crying or just watching the world go by. So how can you say you are ugly ? You have never seen you. Much like these images of the beach, we can be under sold by our reflection and miss our true beauty. Don’t let that happen. Don’t be fooled by your reflection, that beauty- your beauty- is evident, allow it to shine.

We need to start looking at ourselves from a different angle, like these images we need to change our angle to see ourselves in our true, exposed, clear beauty. We need to strip away the layers of expectations and societal standards and expose our true beauty through our smile, our soul, our eyes, the way we love.

We need to be uniquely, captivatingly us.

So, make a promise to yourself to start truly seeing yourself for who you are. Carry yourself with the knowledge that you are beautiful, right here in this very moment. Embrace everything about you and smile knowing no one can taint your reflection unless you allow them.

You are fabulous.