So you have been single for a while, or maybe you’re fresh on the dating scene again, no big deal. Many people these days seem to just want a casual encounter than a long-term relationship (which is fine, you may want to read a blog about hook up apps if that kind of relationship interests you) which can make searching for a lasting one a little difficult. But how do you catch the big one? And how do you get yourself out of a rut?

Dating, actual dating, seems to have become a unicorn in these modern times yet somehow people are still getting engaged and married all around you. Or at least it feels that way and is magnified when you feel like the only single person on the planet. Especially when they are showing you their 1 carat round diamond rings at every opportunity that they get. This can be even harder for people to cope with if they haven’t found the love of their life yet. The only way to possibly get their quicker is to go dating. This can’t do much harm, can it?

But dating doesn’t even feel like dating anymore because guys ghost when they are no longer interested. Or just want to hang out instead of going out on a actual date. The end is in sight though, don’t give up just yet! Dating can sometimes be difficult, but the key is to come prepared. If you’ve got yourself a date, here are some great questions for a good time that you can ask your date, to keep the conversation going.

Take a few minutes to recenter and get back on track to actually dating.

Pick yourself up and figure out what you want.

I get it, you’re tired of looking for something that seems impossible to find, but when was the last time you sat down and actually thought about what you are looking for in a partner? And be honest with yourself about what your life partners’ heart looks like, not just how tall, dark and handsome he may or may not be.

Get offline and get out there.

Don’t spend too much time swiping right and left and forget to physically go out and meet people in the flesh. Remember you are a rock star, if you see a person that sparks your interest out in public say ‘Hi.’ You got this! You can even visit to get some tips for dating in the real world! Dating face-to-face is much harder than online messaging so you might need a little advice before heading back out there.

Every ‘no’ is one step closer to ‘yes’.

‘I’m in sales and I deal with rejection all day at work, the last thing I want is dealing with rejection in my love life as well.’ This has been my go to excuse pretty much every time I am single. Whatever your excuse is, let it go. Yes, rejection sucks but so does feeling like there is someone out there in the world that you are meant to be with. Choose wisely.

Have Fun!

Being in a relationship is not the be all, end all of your existence so stop taking it so seriously. Have a good time where-ever you go and with what ever you are doing. You will meet the right person when you both are ready, even if it feels like eternity.

Stay Hopeful

Maybe not this week, month or even year, but one day it’s going to happen. You are going to meet the person that knocks your socks off, rocks your world, completes you, and every other cheesy love tag line you can think of, and it’s going to be the best! Just hang in there.

Until Then….

….love the crap out of yourself! Be patient, your time will come, and enjoy being single. Yes, enjoy it, savory it, revel in your glorious singleness and find comfort in knowing this is exactly where you are suppose to be in life at this moment.