During the past 5 weeks, I have gone through more interviews than I can count on my fingers. One common question that I was asked in each of these interviews was, “What are your weaknesses?” This is something that we have all been asked before, and here is why you should be excited when you have to answer it.

No such thing as a weakness

The way that you phrase your answer can change the entire meaning. Instead of calling them weaknesses, call them areas of improvement. The word improvement has a positive meaning because it suggests that you are working towards bettering yourself. By making it clear that you are not accepting your weaknesses as permanent, it turns the question into something positive and proactive.

Showcase your talents and achievements

Instead of talking about your weaknesses and how they hold you back, provide examples of all the great things you are doing to overcome these struggles or setbacks. Interviews are a time to showcase how great you are; turn this question into a time to promote your dedication and commitment to personal growth and improvement.

Don’t be embarrassed

Nobody is perfect and everyone has weaknesses. Be honest and give candid answers when responding to this question. If you are able to show that you are comfortable talking about your shortcomings or vulnerabilities, it will reinforce how confident and comfortable you are with yourself.


Like so many other things, this question can be a great way to self-reflect and discover areas that you should focus on improving. Sometimes we want to pretend that we don’t need improvement; however, no matter how old, successful, or smart we are, there are always ways to work on becoming a better person. Use this question as a way to learn more about yourself and all the potential you have.