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We all know that not every day is sunshine, rainbows and unicorns in the world of self love, but all too often we give up our whole day once one cloud crosses our blue sky. No matter what shadows creep up during your day, don’t sacrifice that self love you have been building and take out your bad day on yourself.

Here are 5 quick and easy things you can do to boost your self love instead of losing it:

1. Speak Kindly.

Kindness is easy and free! Instead of getting nasty with the words you say to yourself, tune in your internal dialog to something similar to what your best friend would say to you instead. Friends are always there when you most need them, especially for a pick-me-up. Be a friend to yourself with some kind words when you’re feeling low.

*If your best friend doesn’t take talking to you kindly as an honored duty when you reach out to them, get a new one.

2. Splurge!!!

Ok, this does not me to blow your paycheck in one afternoon to feel that instant gratification high that comes with that sort of shopping. But let yourself pick a new nail polish out after work or get that venti pumpkin spice latte or spend a little extra on a new exercise class. Just a little something to make you feel special, because you are!

3. Step Away from the Technology!

Whether it’s your smart phone, laptop, TV, iPod, anything that links you to the internet, yes, even Netflix, step away. Give yourself some room to breathe and reconnect with your beautiful self. Go for a walk and leave your phone at home. Take a shower without Pandora playing. Watch the sunset without the TV on in the background.

4. Focus on What is Right.

Nothing damages your self esteem like focusing on all the ‘bad’ in your life. Don’t let those thoughts fester because no matter what is going on, your life is amazing. You are full of good ideas, you are beautiful, you can do anything that your heart is aching for! Focus on what is right and good about you!

5. Be Present.

Dips in self love are normal, do not fret! The culpert of these dips can usually be traced back to worrying about the future or dwelling on our past. Focus on what is now in this moment, don’t let the perfection of now be robbed from you. In this moment, you are perfect.

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