When was the last time you failed something?

I hope you failed something today – but I hope you try that same thing again. I hope you fail at more than one thing a day; hopefully you fail more than one thing a week. I hope you fail your entire life. And i hope you try again every time you fail

The fact that you failed means that you tried, you have room to improve, and that you can do better.

The fact that you can try again is enough to prove that you are not a failure.

Don’t let life get you down for too long. It’s okay to fail, but don’t let that keep you from ever trying anything ever again. Just because you fail thing doesn’t mean that you as a person are a failure. You may fail, but you are not a failure.

Here’s a couple of reasons why failure isn’t the worst:

It gives you the opportunity to learn.

Failing teaches you the ways that you could go about fixing things. If you failed and decided to try again, you now have the opportunity to try a different method and see if that works. You can use the methods you’ve tried in the future when you encounter another problem that is similar to the one that you originally failed. Having the chance to try different things is wonderful because you can figure out what works, what doesn’t, and how you can do things better in the future.

It makes you practice adaptive thinking.

If you failed, chances are more than likely that you’re thinking about a solution for the problem you were working on. Especially if it was a math problem (or in my case, organic chemistry *insert crying emoji face here*), you have to think about other ways to solve your problem so that you can advance and continue achieving dreams and tackling obstacles.

It helps you find your weaknesses.

When you fail at something, there’s a variety of reasons that could’ve caused you to fail. It could’ve been bad luck, it could’ve been poorly timed, or you could just be bad at it. If you’re bad at it, you (hopefully) know after having failed, so this way you can try again and either get better or realize that something just isn’t for you. Nobody is good at everything.

It’s not the end.

Failure is not the end of the world. It is the end of your attempt to do something. In a world that has this many opportunities and is this competitive, you are bound to have someone tell you “no” for one reason or another. Either they don’t think you’re a good match for the program or they just don’t want to cooperate, there’s really not much to do about getting rejected, declined, or being passed over. It hurts, but it’s something that can make you so much better.

If anything, failing something is a just another journey in your life that serves to make you better in every respect.