The holiday season is approaching fast. If you are anything like me, you already have your Christmas tree up. (Yes I got it done with some friends and hot chocolate).

This time of year is full of holiday parties and seeing everyone you may not have in a while. I personally want to feel and look my best so my personality can be radiant. If you know me personally, you know I am definitely a tom boy, I love my work out clothes but I also like the dress up side. I am always getting asked where I got my shoes, jeans, make up, dresses, bags, etc from so I decided I need to share with everyone what I wear during the holiday seasons!

I am particularly excited to wear one of my new handbags at some point over the holidays. A friend of mine bought it for me as a thank you gift for helping her through a tough time. When she first gave it to me I was in shock as it looked just like an expensive designer one I had been telling her about.

However, she later told me that it was actually a replica design that she had found online after reading through Maria Dipalo’s Replica Guide. There is no way I would have been able to tell that my bag was not a genuine designer piece!

Anyway, let us discuss some of my favorite fashion picks for the holidays.

1. Dresses:

Every dress I basically own is from Lulus, they have styles for every body type and event! This holiday season I needed some new dresses and bam, every style that I like was on their site. It was simple and easy and I am already ready for the weddings and parties I have!

2. Shoes: Payless

People do not give Payless enough credit. They have the best deals and shoes! I just bought new black heels and black booties that I have already broken in to! They are always giving deals and so I received my shoes for a great price but the best part, their quality is out of the roof compared to some shoes I own.

3. Lipstick: Lipsense

Okay this one is a must! I am super skeptical when I decided to try it but I completely fell in love with them. I own Napa and Bella and I basically where them with every outfit. To work, to Self Love Beauty events and now I will to my parties. I currently work with Ramona, click here for her Facebook page!

4. Eye Shadow/blush: Leslie Perry Cosmetics

Like I said before I am a complete tom boy, I never was taught how to do my make up nor did I ever care. I would try to cheapest products and that were not showing my natural beauty. I found Leslie Perry Cosmetics and they are a must when I decide to wear make up. Her eye shadow and blush have been perfect for my features and you bet I will continue to stock up on her items…including her recent Girl Boss line that I have been patiently waiting for!

5. Jeans: Francesca’s

This was a find just out of luck! I have always gone to Francesca’s for anything I needed but never jeans. I decided to try them out and they are an absolute need. They fit for the athletic body and are higher waisted which I am beyond thankful for. I have always been in between sizes so I decided to go with the size that always works (as I bought online) and they fit perfect. They are always in my suitcase when I travel or when I go out with friends. So if you need a comfy jean to feel your best self these holidays season I suggest visiting their site.

6. T-Shirts: Self Love Beauty Shirts

This list wouldn’t be complete without adding our line of shirts to it! These shirts are for every season and especially great with a cute long sleeve jacket over them for the holiday season or use our long sleeves to keep you warm! These are my go to confidence outfit! Be sure to visit our site to see all the deals happening!

So there are 6 places you should shop this holiday season for some great ways to make your confidence radiant even more! I truly believe if you are comfortable in what you are wearing, then you are more comfortable showing everyone around you who you are!