What is a positive role model? What do they do? To me, they demonstrate realistic confidence and have a good sense of leadership.

A good role model is someone who is always positive, believes in others and believes in themselves.

It is simple; people who believe in themselves live life to the fullest and can help others do the same! A good role model is a person who is proud of their accomplishments and continually tackles new goals.

I’ve had a lot of great roles models in my life that have helped me when I was overwhelmed or felt like I was going to give up. For example, my mother has always been a positive role model for me and my sister. However, it wasn’t until she started working with the YWCA and Self Love Beauty that she started having critical conversations with us about self-love and confidence

It was through the YWCA and the Self Love Beauty summer camp experience that I learned the tools to grow my self-confidence and learned to love myself for who I am… imperfections and all.

Imperfections are what makes us unique. I am so happy to have learned this lesson so early in life while I transition into middle school.

Are you beginning to think of your positive role model? You may not have even realized that you have one in your life until now. That person could be someone who inspires you to do more and be proud of yourself. It does not need to be your parents; it could be a teacher, a friend, a sibling or someone else. 

With all the bad things going on in the world in 2017, another way a positive role model can help you is by rising above the issues and focusing on solutions for a better tomorrow. If you have a bad situation in your life, they can support, comfort, and uplift you. These are the reasons having a positive role model is important to me and I hope that you can find your positive role model too. When you do, tell them thank you!

This one is for all the positive role models out there! Written by Parker Dill, 11, this article shines light on the importance of role models in young women and girls. Although she writes about what a positive role model is to her, Parker is already well on her way to becoming a confident and empowered role model herself!