Hot Mess

Today I find myself sitting on a plane heading to a work event. I am crammed between two people that could careless about communicating but instead would prefer to be awkward. It’s hot, I’m sweating, I’m hungry and I’m going on three hours of sleep which followed with me going to a work out class before the flight and continuing to wear the same clothes praying the guy next to me doesn’t think I’m smelly. And to top of off I run into three people I know at the airport and I am not showered, hair is half straight have curly and no make up. I start to watch a movie… Aloha was the movie.. and I started to cry, I realize at that moment how much I am like one of my guy friends and then I continue to over think as to where it all came from.

Have you ever felt like a hot mess?

Felt as though you were the only one that didn’t have it together, that had a bad day, that was emotional that just couldn’t have it all together. I have. I do probably once a week. But I have come to realize, that is totally okay to have those days. It is okay to just let your emotions happen and to not have it all together, because you aren’t perfect. Yes I said it and neither is the girl next to you.

Lately, I have met the most amazing women. They are talented, they are success and they are doing things with their lives that I adore so much.

Guess what they all have in common? They are not perfect. They have bad days. They are working for more. Each time I meet someone new I learn all these amazing things about them and then I learn how they have bad days too.

One thing I think all women should understand is guess what, we are all fighting the same battles.

And guess else I did that day, I stared at the woman on the plane so put together and radiant. I compare myself.

Have you ever done that?

It is something I think we all do more than we want to. Ugh it is so hard, we want what they have, or we think so. However, the only person you should compare yourself to is the person you use to be and notice how far you have come. One thing to put into perspective on moments like this where you have to realize noone has it all together and people are noticing what you have to. We all have our moments of comparing but just remember if you want to be in someone elses shoes, it comes with their struggles and other things as well.

Don’t forget we are all hot messes at some point and that is okay. Just remember the bad days will be followed with some amazing days.