I consider myself a typical middle-aged woman with a life filled with family, a rewarding career, awesome friends and an opportunity to give back. I love my life! It is balanced, it has all the elements that bring me joy and satisfaction. Sure I would like to travel more and clean less, but all in all, I am generally happy.

Then came the day when what I thought was a typical migraine landed me in the hospital for five days.

With 26 years of migraines, I have experienced every management option available. Ranging from medical to meditation from Advil to yoga, I have tried it all. What I have failed to do is accept that having chronic pain means I have to take care of myself differently. Just writing that statement has me pretty emotional. My personality deems that I fight against things I don’t like or agree with. Having a medical issue that limits my energy and ability to engage with my awesome life sucks. 26 years of pushing through doing what it takes and often not doing what I should until…..a typical migraine night of medicine management on the couch with essential oils, ice packs and no sleep was turned to me hunched over a bucket, calling my husband, crying, and googling ‘extreme stomach pain.’

Please act surprised……Years of, well, me being me, gave me a -and I quote my physician- “huge, massive ulcer.” I just think that when your medical professional uses the terms ‘huge’ and ‘massive’ that it is not a good thing. Picture black coal in a sea of soft pink cotton candy. Not good.

Being a life coach and all-around health knowledgeable person, I spent those days in the hospital watching cute animal shows and analyzing. What was the problem? Solution: adjust diet, take medication to resolve the problem and prevent a recurrence. And the problem is…wait for it…me. Dang.

All this originates from me not taking care of myself. Even though I KNOW what I could do to manage the chronic pain and avoid taking medication that leads to an ulcer. Even though I KNOW all my triggers from food to functions. Even though for 26 YEARS (more than half my life and all my adult life) of dealing with these migraines I have not accepted one thing about them. Instead, I have pushed, ignored, suffered and lied to myself about what it was going to take to make myself enough of a priority to not suffer this way for the next 26 years.

My story is not unique. Many of us are walking around in pain. Physical, emotional, mental struggles that have us managing in whatever way works for us. Pushing through, covering up, ignoring, lying to ourselves.

Here is the question that I have challenged myself with…..What is it going to take to make myself a priority? I have set it as my intention for the next year as I embark on a journey of true self-care.

My challenge to you is for you to consider the same…..and I commit to you that I will share my journey. We can do this together.

Sarah Weisbarth has been described as rooted in her faith and able to draw inspiration from a rock. As a life coach with Self Love Beauty helping others grow in themselves and connect with others on a deeper level is a natural niche for Sarah. A commitment to providing others with the internal resources they need to be successful in life has Sarah working and serving in programs related to youth and those that promote self-worth and personal value. She is messy while looking put together, spontaneously silly and super serious, she cares deeply and hurts the same. Sarah loves the quiet simple moments where reflection comes naturally as a gift.

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