“You can pretty lie and say it’s okay. You can pretty smile and just walk away, pretty much fake your way through anything. But you can’t cry pretty.” – Carrie Underwood Cry Pretty

I think many of us hide our emotions to please the people around us. However, it’s important for you to know that it’s OK to break down your walls, it’s OK to not be OK, and it’s OK to cry.

If you were to ask someone to describe me, I think for the most part they would say I’m a cheerful and happy person who tries to brighten a room whenever possible.

If you were to ask that same person if they had ever seen me cry, they would most likely tell you “no.” If they say “yes” then they are pretty damn special to me because I NEVER let anyone see me cry.

People know me for my smile, and being able to cheer everyone up. But the thing is, I never let people see me upset. If I do, it’s usually impossible to be able to tell. I’ll hide it behind fake smiles and forced laughs, and say “Yeah, I’m totally fine” when in reality, I’m falling apart inside.

I’m sure you’re asking yourself “Why not just say what’s on your mind?” Well, the thing is that everybody knows me for being “the happy girl” who can make anyone smile in a heartbeat, so what can you do when “the happy girl” isn’t happy? It makes me feel like I’m letting people down when they see me like that.

This is definitely one of the biggest flaws that I have, and I’m sure that I’m not the only one who has it.

And here is the brutal truth that we all need to hear:

You are allowed to be upset.
You are allowed to break down.
You are allowed to say “I’m not OK.”

Sure, it may not be a pretty sight, but sadness shouldn’t be beautiful. It’s meant to be raw and real.

How you deal with pain is your own personal way. Do not let anyone make you feel as if you are weak or pathetic, because you’re not even close to that. You have an incredible amount of strength within you, and no one can say that you don’t.

So cry, let out the tears, be vulnerable, and say that something is wrong.

You’re real, you’re human and showing pain, even if you don’t want to at times, is part of it.

So, talk to a friend, let it out, break down on your bathroom floor if you need to. Just do it. Simple as that.

Keep your head up, beautiful.

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Originally written by Emma Spear

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