Who knew that self-love and confidence could be found through a summer internship?

Many students are told they need an internship to “gain experience” before taking a job in their career field of interest. So this summer I took an internship role with Self Love Beauty to gain experience in the digital marketing field before I graduate and look for a full time job. Originally, I went into the internship with an open mind, but was skeptical that I could grow in my own self-love and confidence journey, but was looking for experience in marketing more than anything else.

Growing up I was always playing sports. I played volleyball all year and ran track in the spring. I lifted weights in my off-season to prepare me for the following year and it transformed my body. I became very fit and muscular, which I did not mind. I consumed a lot of food because I was burning calories like no other. But after playing my last volleyball game two years ago, my body began to change. I started gaining weight and looking different- I was losing muscle and did not look the way I used to. I became self-conscious of what I looked like and was not happy with the way I looked.

I took the internship with Self Love Beauty and began my weekly work. As I was creating content for social media and scheduling ‘The Confident Girl’ podcasts, I started to realize that what I was creating and posting were topics that I myself had struggled with. I took these posts to heart and the messages that Self Love Beauty was sharing were really touching my heart. I saw women just like myself, going through a variety of different things, but they were gaining confidence in who they were. I became amazed at the change Self Love Beauty was making in the community.

My internship taught me many things. Yes, I learned a lot about digital marketing and content creation, which is something I plan to use in my future career. Yes, I am proud of the projects and campaigns that I launched while in my intern role. I am proud of all that I learned this summer while in my internship role, but I am most proud of the personal transformation that I made. This summer I found confidence in myself that I had not had in years and I am so thankful for that.

I would like to end this blog with a few key things I learned while interning with Self Love Beauty that could help you with your own self-love journey.

  1. Be proud of the season of life you are in- we are all at different places in life but be proud of where you are and the things you are doing.
  2. Do NOT compare yourself to others- no one is like you. We are all different and you do not need to compare yourself to anyone else because you are enough.
  3. Create positive relationships- find people that make you happy and that promote your self-love and confidence journey.
  4. And lastly… Be open- find someone that you can be open with. Share your bad days and good days with them and be open about your feelings and emotions. Being open with someone about how you feel helps you realize what is wrong and what needs to be done to fix the problem.

Thank you Self Love Beauty for giving me the opportunity to not only learn more about digital marketing but also for the opportunity to learn to be confident in the person I am. I am forever grateful for the time I spent with such an amazing company.

Larissa Crook | Digital Marketing Intern | Summer 2019