Taking a new job was terrifying, but I knew I wasn’t valued or treated the best way possible. My ideas were stifled, criticized without explanation or guidance. Or just plain not heard for that matter.

Everyone would continually say, “you must love your job, and it is always so fun.” Now yes of course, some parts I enjoyed, but other aspects not so much. On the inside it wasn’t fun. Something had to change. My confidence had to become louder; I needed to find my voice.

Horrified I was, no denying that, I took a step down to actively search for a new career. It took quiet confidence, the kind where you know you have to keep your positive words in your head. Few to no one knows what going on, so you are sole source of positive reinforcement.

Fast-forward four months; quiet confidence landed me the job. With confidence heightened, it was time to use it and become empowered in the new work environment.

Shortly after, I found out we would be making a presentation to important decision makers in our industry. Public speaking and I never really got along, so hear comes fear and doubt, where is my quiet confidence? It was very needed in these moments.

With months of practice and learning, while also laying in bed wondering how am I going to get through this? I knew the quiet confidence had to continue to develop into passionate confidence.

There were many times when I thought I could just be the girl to click to the next slide in the PowerPoint, while my to co-workers presented and you bet, I would take pride in the task! However, practicing, quiet confidence and encouragement from teammates prevailed. This moment was loud and passionate confidence. A lot changed in that year of job change to taking a major step of confidence.

I now have the power to believe in myself to create loud and passionate confidence. My confidence found its voice.

“Be Your Best Beautiful Self.”

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