Today is a special day it is #GivingTuesday. It is a day to remember the reasons why we give back, the reasons why we want to help others and the reason why each and everyone of us are part of the positive change in this world.

Six years I started this blog which has transformed every year into something even better and is now a mission-based company. I started this because I wanted to write about my struggles with self-love, with confidence, with feel empowered and with bullies. I wanted people everywhere to know that they are never alone in their own struggles; and that even though each of our journeys are different we each bring something to the world that can change someone’s life.

My why isn’t just around sharing my struggles. The reason I started this blog which then turned into a mission-based company was because I never wanted anyone to feel alone, ever. My vision is that we create a world where everyone themselves and achieve anything they desire. 

Why Self Love Beauty is a part of me and my story…. 

  • At the age of six, a little boy on the school bus called me a monkey because of my ears stuck out 
  • At the age of seven, another little boy called me dumbo in class because my ears stuck out
  • At the age of fifteen, I cried everyday at home because I was bullied and begged my mom to let me switch schools because I just didn’t belong anymore
  • At the age of 15, I understood what dieting was when stare at myself in the mirror and pick apart my body and then decide to go on fad diets to lose weight to look like all the other girls
  • At the age of 16, I cried that I had huge muscular calves from sports 
  • At the age of 18, I had surgery on my ears because I never wanted to be made fun of about it again 
  • At the age of 18, I went to college completely blind sided not understanding that my hometown look wouldn’t fit into the college look. 
  • At the age of 22, I felt my second heart break; which was probably the hardest heart break I hope I ever have 
  • At the age of 24, I lost complete confidence in my skills due to a few people that made me feel I wasn’t good enough 
  • At the age of 28, I was bullied by others who made me feel anxiety whenever I was around them 
  • At every age of my life I had moments of being bullied, self-image issues, struggles with fitting in, lack of confidence and lack of feel empowered 
  • At every age I also had LOTS of laughter, lessons learned, stories that shaped who I am, ups and downs, growth in self-love, growth in confidence, growth in being empowered, and growth in being who I was meant to be. 

My why is because…

  • I never want a little girl or boy to feel the way I did that day on the school bus or in class without understanding how to respond in a positive way and to have so much self-love that they do not believe the people that pick on them.
  • I never want a little girl or boy to want to switch schools because of bullies, instead I want them to have the resources to not only stand up for themselves but to stand up for the kids being bullied around them.
  • I want girls and boys to love their bodies so much that they embrace the muscles in their bodies for they worked so hard to get them or to love their bodies for how God created them instead of comparing and trying to look like everyone else.
  • I want girls and boys to love themselves so much that they understand what they deserve and walk away from anyone that treats them less than a prince/princess. 
  • I want everyone at any age to know how to respond to negativity in their lives and be the voice of change. 
  • I want to stop the focus on the outside appearance and focus more on the internal beauty each of us bring to this world. 
  • I want mothers, fathers, mentors and society to have the tools to teach our next generation about confidence, self-love and feeling empowered.
  • I want everyone no matter their age to choose to be kind to one another, to love others no matter their shape, race, gender or age. 
  • I want you to accept yourself; to forgive others; to forgive yourself; to know your value; to be kind; to share love; to love yourself; and more. 
  • I want to provide programs, experiences and events in the communities Self Love Beauty serves through in person and online so that whenever someone is struggling they have a place to go to know they are not alone, to have resources, coaching and people who care.
  • I want everyone to be who they want to be; to love themselves fully; and achieve anything they desire. 

These are a few of my whys; these are just a few of the many reasons why I believe so much in Self Love Beauty; these are the reasons why you ask me to talk about this company, my face lights up and I speak more than you ask about it. 

2019 is an even bigger year for us than ever. We have been working behind the scenes for a very long time to bring even more amazing opportunities to you. Check out our full list of experiences here. 

If you feel in your heart to donate, please check out the following ideas: 
  • For a donation of $30 you can send a parent to our ‘Teaching Your Kid to Thrive’ event. It is open to all parents who want to see their kids thrive! This event presents strategies, activities, and stories in an approachable way to develop our kids to be responsible, self-motivated learners. Donate here.
  • For a donation of $30 you can sponsor someone to attend our I am Loved event. This event will take place in February and will have a yoga class, positive mantras and more to celebrate self-love. Donate here
  • For a donation of $60, you can sponsor a mother/daughter to attend our one day retreat. This retreat allows mothers and daughters to engage with each other on communication, health and fun activities. Donate here
  • For a donation of $60, you can sponsor a father/daughter to attend our event for them. A Father/daughter relationships is very important. A strong male influence is important in the growth of a daughter life as it shapes her self-esteem, self-image, confidence and opinion of men. This night out allows fathers and daughters an opportunity to grow together. Examples include: Outside activities, change a tire, build something or STEM project. Donate here
  • For a donation of $30, you can send a mother to an event for ‘Mother’s with Boys’. This event is an opportunity for you to learn how to communicate with your son, relate and provide them with the tools to grow in their own self-love journey. Donate here
  • For a donation of $200, you can provide a school or organization with supplies to be part of our Affirmation Day in May. It is time we come together to create a positive change in the world and this will be a day to do this. Donate here
  • To give just any amount of an donation, click here.

If you cannot donate at the time, we ask that you continue to spread kindness and love to those around you. Through just doing that you are helping us in our mission to impact more than 60,000 people in 2019. 

So I shared my reasons why, what are yours? Email me to share and see how we can make a difference together.