My Rise to Confidence story has to do with a workplace situation that happened just over a year ago. I started a business with a really good friend who I eventually lived with. The business was very small but started to get some traction. I didn’t know much about business but knew that I could learn from my partner and mentors.

However, very early on a few months in she decided to leave. I was crushed. She didn’t tell this to me the whole time we were in person and called me and told me over the phone. I felt like I lost everything, I didn’t know what I was going to do next. How could I do this on my own? I had so much anxiety, fear and mixed emotions.

After a few weeks of hurting and being upset I decided that I can still make this happen. I can and will do it on my own. It wasn’t easy but talking with family and mentors during the time really helped and starting to plan out what my next steps would look like.

My advice to anyone going through a similar situation is to take time to calm down and get rid of any limiting beliefs. You are capable of so much and sometimes it just takes a situation like this to let it really show your power!

I gained so much from this experience and it truly changed my life and where I am at today. I am grateful for what did happen because on the other side of the tears it is so much better and more fulfilling.

“Stay positive! Work hard! Make it happen!”

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