I am confident. I am strong. I am capable. I am brave. I am self-loving. I am beautiful. I am intelligent. I am kind. I am worthy. I am faithful. I am smart. I am community…..and the list goes on.

Today is Self Love Beauty’s second annual Affirmation Day and a very powerful one. Last year was impressive we brought more than 12,000 people together online and in-person, we provided schools with toolkits to use affirmations in their classrooms and more. This year looks a little different. COVID-19 came in and changed our plans but we know that no matter where we are in this world, affirmations are something we need to practice.

Personally, affirmations have been an added piece into my everyday life especially during hardship, speaking engagements, and nerves before a meeting.

If you would have met me before I started Self Love Beauty and recommended I start practicing these, I would have thought you were pretty silly, especially if I was saying them aloud (What would people!?). It wasn’t until I realized I was struggling with confidence & self-love and was looking for external things to validate me that I could see this importance.

You see, affirmations, positive thinking, strong mental wellbeing and more is not something that is just happens over night or something you have one day and it just sticks. No it is a journey, an internal journey and continued to work – but I promise you with every ounce in me, that is worth it.

I smile writing this, because the value I have on myself has never been so high. Even after starting SLB, I struggled still and I still do but I put in place many things to help me on my journey, so I wanted to share some tips with you:

  1. Find what works for you: You are going to try a few things before you find out what works for you, your life and schedule – just like an exercise workout. We don’t know what we like until we try it first right? The key is just starting talking positive to yourself.
  2. Check out your circle: Give yourself a check, are you even surrounding yourself with people that are positive and are going to help build you up?
  3. Reminders in your phone: Think you need
  4. Stand in front of the mirror: Start your morning off or end your day with standing in front of the mirror saying 3 kinds things about ourselves even on the sad, hard, rough days (its worth it, I promise)
  5. Write sticky notes: Put them in your own, lunch box, purse, car or where ever works for you to
  6. Write on top of papers: Sometimes when I need a pick me up, I write three affirmations on the top of my to-do list or notes pages to help me rethink about myself and a reminder
  7. Have a routine: Put together a routine to add affirmations into your life and do what works for you.
  8. Spread it to others that need to hear it: Remember to share affirmations with others. Maybe that is verbally or written or voice message- no form is wrong but all helpful
  9. When you fall off the horse, which you will, get back on: Somedays you will fall into hardship and others day just forget, when that happens dust off the mess and get right back to your routine of positive thoughts.
  10. Become your best friend: Never give up on yourself, ever and always give yourself self-love. This is always important for growth and to see your true value.
  11. Find your jam: I am big on dancing and finding music that speaks to my soul. Find songs that speak to you and make you come alive and dance your way through life!
  12. Check the content you are around: Just like with friends and family, if you have negative content surrounding you, you will be not get out of the motions you are currently in. Unfollow, delete and find new content that is positive to look into…like the SLB Blog and Podcast!

Remember: Pick 3 ‘I AM’ words that fit and stick with those. There is not crazy theory, no crazy pressure but more so a simple way to start being positive toward yourself. Right now I have on the paper in front of me is ‘I am strong, I am brave, I am worthy’ as I work through my own frustration.

You got this and you have the support from the full Self Love Beauty community. To learn more about us, visit our website.