When I was 24 the word I lived by was STRENGTH. When I was 25, I made a list of 26 things I wanted to accomplish before I turned 26 and I called it my ‘bucket list‘. When I turned 26, I completed that bucket list and changed my motto to FEARLESS

This year, at the age of 27, it was a year of travel, pushing in my career and growth. It was a year of finding myself screaming more times than not “I LOVE MY LIFE” and believing it. 

I am turning 28 shortly and as I look back at the past year and realize a few things but most importantly, my self-love is the highest it has ever been. 

Everyone’s journey to self-love is different and everyone journey once they find self-love is also different.

For me, I have grown so much in my own. So before I turn 28 here are 28 things I want you to know about self-love that I have learned throughout the years

  1. Self-love means loving yourself even on the bad days
  2. Self-love means even the days when you are crying yourself to sleep, you choose to wake up the next day with love and respect for yourself to make it a brand new day
  3. Self-love is exactly those words, it is love for your self and you are the only one that can do that 
  4. Self-love is taking care of your body physically and mentally through what you feed your body, how you talk about about yourself and the exercise you do
  5. Self-love is a bubble bath with a glass of wine/coffee and a good book 
  6. Self-love is surrounding yourself with people that make you want to be a better person
  7. Self-love is respecting yourself enough to walk away from the things that don’t help you grow anymore
  8. Self-love is finding your passion and living it out
  9. Self-love is looking in the mirror every day and saying to yourself “I am Beautiful; “I am Enough”
  10. Self-love is finding laughter in everyday
  11. Self-love is finding positive moments in life
  12. Self-love is screaming at the top of your lungs almost everyday “I LOVE THIS LIFE”
  13. Self-love is being confident in what you bring to the table in a friendship or at work
  14. Self-love is standing up for yourself and for others when being mistreated
  15. Self-love is standing up for what is right even when you may be the only one standing
  16. Self-love is speaking up to be heard but also listening to others that need to be heard
  17. Self-love is being present in the moment to enjoy all the grace that is around you
  18. Self-love is turning the music up on your stereo and singing karaoke to your favorite song
  19. Self-love is calling your support system when needed and being OK with being vulnerable 
  20. Self-love is understanding that your journey is not the same as someone elses jounrye and thats OK
  21. Self-love is knowing that noone else gets to be you and that is a beautiful thing
  22. Self-love is loving yourself enough to give love to others
  23. Self-love is realizing all you have been through and instead of dwelling you embrace it to grow 
  24. Self-love is knowing that you will have bad days but you also will have great days
  25. Self-love is understanding that your journey will have ups and downs, turns left and right but you will grow if you allow yourself to
  26. Self-love is being fearless to be set free from the belief that you ‘cannot’ do something
  27. Self-love is having the strength physically and mentally to belief in yourself even when others bring you down
  28. Self-love is by far the most amazing thing you can do for yourself 

28 is another year for me to grow into the person I was meant to be. Have a story to share yourself? Message me at info@selflovebeauty.com, I would love to hear it!