Independent woman Lisa Thompson

“She’s a girl with a mind, a woman with an attitude and a lady with class.”

Ever tried to date an independent woman and got nervous? Maybe you weren’t ready? Or maybe you want to date a girl that is independent?

Independent woman are a breed of their own but dating this type of woman has its perks. Here are 8 reasons why any man should take the opportunity to date an independent woman.

  1. They can pay their own bills: Independent woman do not need you to pay for everything, they deserve the respect of you paying for dinner dates but not their bills. They have worked to hard for what they have to allow any man to start to pay them.
  1. They have it together: Woman that are independent have their stuff together, they are still trying to figure out little things in life but over all have a good career and financial are stable.
  1. They have their own hobbies, that don’t include you: Instead of always having to be with you, they have their own life and their own hobbies. As much as they like spending time with you, they find enjoyment in other things.
  1. They are successful: These woman already have careers or working toward a career. They are successful in some part of their life either by graduating college, working multiple jobs while attending college or already have a career. They may even be more successful than you are.
  1. They have their own friends: Since she is independent she has been living her own life and therefore she had her own friends.  Instead of always having to be with your friends and not allowing you to have ‘bro’ time, they are able to enjoy their own time with their friends.
  1. They have goals: They know what they want and make plans to get there.  Every day they have plans for where they want to go in life and they make it happen. Instead of following your dreams they have their own.
  1. They don’t need you all the time: The one thing about independent woman that many people have a hard time with is they don’t need you all the time. They don’t need your money, all your time or don’t need your attention. They do need you sometimes especially your loyalty but they can take care of themselves.
  1. They are open to new things: They want adventure; they are open to doing new things in life and finding fun ways to live life.