Noone is perfect Self Love Beauty perfection

Frustration. Hatred. Love. Forgiveness. Never forget. Maddness. Mistakes. Confusion. Happiness. Sadness. Tears. And the list goes on.

Have you ever made a mistake? Have you ever asked for forgiveness? Has someone ever asked your for forgiveness? How did you handle each situation?

As everyone knows me, I can get personal pretty quick. I share things with people because I feel that sometimes we all go through the same things.

One thing I have learned is girls can go through a million emotions in one day. No, this does not make us crazy, that just makes us well us. A lot of girls are scared to share these emotions with others, in the sense of feeling people thinking we are stupid, dumb down or in the sense what guys call ‘crazy’. We think emotion is weak, we think that we have to be perfect all the time.

Well I am here to tell you, you don’t have to be perfect all the time. Yes, if you aren’t right now, get into those old sweats, pull your non washed hair in a pony tail (don’t worry we all know you are on that second day hair) and grab that piece of chocolate you have been trying to stay away to fit into those small size jeans to look good today. And great ready for some big news!


We are all not perfect, actually we are all far from perfect. We have kissed the wrong guys, probably drank more than we should, wore spanks under our tight dresses to make it look like our bloating from all the food we ate is covered, we try to hide that smile when the guy we likes walks through the door and we try to hide the fact that we just changed 5 times before our ‘just friend’ comes over only to find ourselves in yoga pants and some make up to make it look like we aren’t trying. I hope you are nodding your head right now laughing at all the memories of doing this yourself.

Being Far From Perfect; Being Okay With It 

Far from perfect. But that is what makes those around us love us that much more. My life just like everyone elses is a mess and a half. We try to stay a float, we try to have everything be perfect and we try to hide all the tears we cried but if we just were honest with ourselves we would understand we all make mistakes. Recently, I had a guy think I was perfect…. exhausting is an understatement of trying to explain that I was not and one day I made a mistake and showed him I wasn’t. Guess what? I didn’t have it all together and he got to see me at all my flaws. But the big twist of everything was how he just treated me so terrible after he found out how so much not perfect I was. The words that were said, the things that I felt…. I felt so low. I couldn’t understand how me making one mistake would make someone think so differently of me. No wonder I tried to hide my weirdness and tried to have it all together. I beat myself up pretty bad over this then I called my best friend.

I learned pretty fast that she loved me for who I was and then she did an even bigger thing and reminded me of everyone else that loves me too. I think sometimes we get caught up in the idea that we have to be perfect all the time. That if you do something ‘crazy’, speak your mind or do something that is not ordinary that you will ruin your image. This is just not true. Just as you do not let the mistakes of your best friend define them, you should not dwell on your mistakes either. In life we are continuing to grow, that comes with mistakes, that comes with finding who will love us through it and who will help shape us to continue to be the people we want to be.

Be Who You Are

As the saying goes:

“Be who you are and say what you feel because those who mind, don’t matter and those who matter, don’t mind.”

I can go on the record and say I have made mistakes, I have also forgiven a lot of people for making mistakes as well. You are not perfect, you do need to be perfect, you just need to be who you are.