Jubliee Project Self Love Beauty

In this video, the folks over at Jubilee Project assembled a group of 50 people — some children and some adults — and asked everyone the same question: What would you change about your body if you could?

This video instantly made me think about what I would want to change about my body when I first started watching it but once I watched the whole video I understand just how much adults can learn from kids about body image.

When the video asked adults what they would change about their bodies, they all gave answers with tweaks and alterations they would want done to their body. Ultimately, they wanted these tweaks to help them to their goals of their idea of physical perfection.

Almost everyone has something they would like to change about their bodies. We each have our image of what we would like to look like. This video shows just how much children are not like us. It shows how adults and children have different terms of body image.

Many of the adults answered the question with “I would change my forehead,” or “I would change my eyes to have bigger ones,” or “I would change my ears.” However, children wanted to make changes that included a mermaid tail and the ability to teleport. It was so great to hear about comfortable kids really are with their own bodies. Even some did not even want to change anything about their bodies.

I get goose bumps watching this video, seeing how children understand how to be more comfortable in their own skin more than adults. It reminds us that we should love ourselves for all we are instead of trying to change ourselves.

This video shows how important confidence is and how there is more to life then your looks. It truly is an impactful video.