Questions and asking self love beauty

Written by Contributor Writer Megan Shankland 

Ladies, we ask a lot of questions and most are rhetorical but beg to be asked anyway: Why are carbs so good but so bad for you?; Why is my hair always flat?; Why are all the cute men taken?; Why is life so expensive?; Why do I have to work?; Why is it not acceptable to drink before 5 o’clock?.

These are questions each of us ask at some point and just know you are not the only one in the question making. You and your best friend probably agree on the same questions and you two aren’t the only ones thinking  it. Here are a few Q’s that has every girl scratching her head. 

Will I be alone forever?

Ah, the number one question asked by most females.

It’s always the struggle, the fight and the challenge to find the happily-ever-after in the arms of prince charming. Because he has to be tall, dark and handsome and six-foot something is usually preferred. He wants children and loves vising your parents. He always puts the seat down after going to the bathroom and insists upon doing the dishes after dinner. He doesn’t mind your dozen cats or being the big spoon in a snuggle fest.

But….let’s bring it down to earth. Men don’t always pick up on our hints, even if they aren’t so subtle.  They’re trying to figure us out, just as much as we are them. So the next time you consider breaking up when the toilet seat is left up— put it down and take a breath.

Is Butter a Carb?

When life hands you the wait-I-should-know-this questions, know you’re not alone.  Regina George confined in her best gal-pals to give her an honest answer to an honest brain fart of a question and sometimes, so do you.

It doesn’t matter what age you’re at—these questions will always find a way off your tongue. At a young age the question, “why?” was common, overused and annoyed the living shit out of our parents.

We were constantly questioning our environment, why things worked the way they do, why we looked a certain way and why we couldn’t do something. At some point in life, we ran out of questions and then found we were too afraid to ask.

So the next time you’re wondering if butter is a carb, just ask.

Is he into me?

If you’ve sent five text messages, it’s been three days, on one date and there are zero messages—he’s probably not into you. *Sigh*

In today’s age of dating, it’s based physically on looks and quick gratification. There’s too many apps, sites and dating trends. I’m not sure where the disconnect happened and how we get back on track, but it’s concerning.

Being so obsessed with ‘matching’, finding love and constantly meeting someone new sounds exhausting. Who has time to juggle numerous dates that more than likely end in disappointment?

Ladies, the next time you’re looking for love, put down the dating devices. Finding a man will be a lot easier when you’re not waiting for a message.

WTF am I doing with my life?

And so the real questions begin. The annual, bi-annual, or monthly breakdown of sobbing into your pillow repeating the words “WTF am I doing with my life” usually occurs around the beginning and end of each semester. Life gets busier, classes get harder, teacher cut less slack and you’re drained at work.

You begin to create this series of unfortunate events that is your life. You image yourself on graduation day—hi mom and dad! As you proudly walk across the stage, you grab that $80,000 piece of paper and begin to wonder what just happened.

What if I never get hired? What if I do and I hate my job, or worse my career choice?…oh God what if I never find someone and I live in a condo with two cats, Franklin and Samuel, for the rest of my life? Will I just wear my robe on the weekends because there’s no point in going out? Who will I eat out with? Will my life turn into casual take-outs on Friday nights watching reruns of Friends??!! Did I just lose all my friends? Is that happens when you leave this place? Oh God, what I have I done, take me back! WHEN DOES THE HORROR STOP??

What shoes go with this?

At the end of the day, we’ve got a lot of questions and that’s not changing. But perhaps the most important and common question is, what shoes will go best with this out fit? It’s the one question we have control over, so embrace that walk-in closet and never, ever be ashamed of that shoe collection.  

So next time you have questions just ask them- or even better message us at and we can help!