Cheers to you.

Why #WineWednesday should be celebrated (No matter the day of the week…)

Wine Wednesday, a clever hash tag created to reassure us that it’s okay to consume half a bottle of wine on a work night and enjoy every last drop of it. Also #WineWednesday, normally means discounts on wine at your favorite spot and those who celebrate weekly know and love all the local spots, myself included.

There is no doubt, social media plays a noteworthy role in our social interactions every day, #WineWednesday being no exception. I am admitting to say I have placed my wine glass in that “perfect” spot to snap that ideal Instagram picture. But hey, it’s fun and brings people together. Wine is delicious, calming and the classy essence for young women everywhere. It is no wonder that the cultured college students are desperate to get an Oregon fake ID in order to become part of our city’s great wine culture. I love wine. It’s probably my favorite drink and I can’t think of anything better to do than lay on the sofa, watching a movie and drinking a nice glass of wine. The other day, I was telling a friend of mine how much I love wine and she told me to check out GraysOnline Wines. I never knew that you could get wine delivered so I cannot wait to try it out!

In my opinion pick a night and make it your Wine Wednesday, it’s deserved. This also makes for the perfect excuse for a girl’s night. Schedules are hectic enough, so why not use the weeknight for wine and catching up with friends over a half off bottle of wine. The night of your favorite TV show serves as the perfect outlet to enjoy that wine; with sushi included.

If it’s for your sanity, to relax, catch up with friends or no reason; just enjoy your #WineWednesday. You need it girl and cheers to you.

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