Whether you want to grow your hair really long, or you prefer it to be a shorter, more practical length, everyone wants the same thing – to be able to grow their hair strong and healthy. Healthy hair has a special glow about it which noticeably turns people’s heads in your direction. Though hair isn’t everything, it is one of the best assets to let your inner beauty shine through. Every hair texture has different needs to ensure it’s kept in tip-top condition and there are loads of ways that you can manage to keep it in this consider. However, there are loads of different professional hair care products that you can use, you just have to find the right one for you. Take a look at how you can get the silky, healthy hair you’re searching for.

Learn how to take care of your specific hair type

What makes super kinky curly hair healthy, will not necessarily make sleek straight hair healthy. Equally, what makes Afro-Caribbean hair healthy will not necessarily work on those that have Caucasian hair types. Learning how to take care of your specific hair type is the only way to ensure your hair is as healthy as possible.

  • Sleek straight hair – Those with straight hair might feel that their hair becomes greasy fast. The truth is, the more you wash your hair with harsh chemicals, like Sulfate, the more sebum (grease) your scalp produces. Cut back on hair washing to grow strong healthy hair. Get used to just washing your hair with water for most of the week. This doesn’t mean you have to cut down on the number of showers you have! After all, I spend a good 20-25 minutes in the shower every morning, mainly because our new glass shower direct frameless shower is unbelievably relaxing.
  • Wavy hair – This hair type is in between straight and curly hair and is more prone to frizz. This hair type can still be quite greasy and so holds more moisture naturally and tends to be healthier than those with curly hair textures.
  • Curly haired gals – Those of us blessed with curly hair have a tricky time keeping it healthy. This is because it is naturally dryer meaning it needs more moisture than other hair types.
  • Kinky afro-haired girls – This hair type is tightly coiled and prone to breakages because strands can be thin and fragile. This is the driest hair type and so needs to be treated with the utmost care.

Hair oils and moisture

You might have heard this one a lot, but moisturizing hair is the only way to get the strong and healthy hair you’re after, especially for those with curly and Afro hair types. Grease, or Sebum, is a natural oil that moisturizes hair strands. For curly girls, this oil takes a long time to reach the ends of your hair which is why it’s naturally drier. That’s why leaving your hair a little between washes helps to maintain healthy-looking hair that promotes hair growth. Another product I have recently come across which helps with hair growth is shark tank hair growth serum which helps speed up the process of allowing your hair to grow.

Use deep conditioning masks or hot oil treatments to ensure your hair is thoroughly moisturized. Distribute the treatment through your hair and leave in a shower cap to help the moisture penetrate the hair strands sufficiently. Then simply wash the product out and leave hair to naturally air dry.

Tip: if you are using oil in your hair, never wet hair before application. Once you have finished, apply shampoo directly to oily hair to break through the oil before showering. This is because oil will bind to the hair if water is used and will be tricky to remove after this.

Opt for heatless hairstyles and embrace your natural hair type

The fastest way to ensure hair is strong and healthy is to eliminate the heat styling tools and embrace your natural look – whether that is curly, wavy or straight. Heat damage prevents hair growth as hair is more prone to breakages.

Instead, go for heatless hairstyles to give your heat damaged hair a break. Once you give your hair a chance to recover, it will begin to look and feel a lot healthier and will grow fast. To help the transition from heat styled hair, use accessories to get used to your natural hair type. Clips and bandanas are great at brightening your hair and keeping it hidden on those inevitable bad-hair-days. Clip in hair extensions and weave are also a great way to make hair appear thicker and longer until your natural hair catches up.

Tip: if you decide to use hair extensions or weave, go for ones that are made from natural hair because they will last longer. Always get the right style for your hair type, like this kinky coily weave from Xotica Hair.

Growing strong and healthy hair doesn’t happen overnight so be patient and allow your hair to recover from any damage that it has recently been subjected to. Once your hair becomes healthy, it will begin to grow extremely fast naturally and will be noticeably gorgeous, whatever your hair type. Which one of these tips will you try?


By Hollie Jones

Hollie Jones is a freelance writer and proud owner of lifestyle blog, Hollie and the Ivy. She loves to write about upcycling, DIY, hair and natural beauty, to share her experience with others.