Anne Frank once wrote: No one has ever become poor by giving. These are not just sugar-coated words that have no real meaning. Actually, there’s a whole scientific study to back up this claim. Essentially, acts of kindness produce happy hormones that in turn cause satisfaction. It’s pretty easy to get hooked on good deeds and kind behavior once you decide to be kinder to other people in your life. The world will always go round but kindness is something that will make it worth spinning.

Even spending feels better when it’s for someone else

We are all instinctively looking for that core feeling of happiness. However, in this consumerism-driven world, it’s become pretty difficult to recognize the true path to happiness. In the mentioned study, participants were asked to remember the times when they spent their money on themselves and on other people. They all noted that the feeling of happiness was a lot stronger and longer-lasting when they spent money on someone else. In the end, this discovery is not dependent on money. It’s just one of the many means to show kindness to others, which was still effective in triggering the feelings of satisfaction and joy. In that respect, it was concluded that generosity was a huge factor in showing kindness and getting a happy thrill from it.

Teach your kids generosity

If you want your kids to grow up to be kind people, surrounded by positivity, it’s important to instill true values from the early childhood. Children learn the best when they are exposed to different situations. Therefore, even though talking to them is very important, you still have to show them how acts of kindness can make them feel better and fulfilled. You have to be their main example, of course. Also, it’s essential that you show them that material things are not the most important factor for happiness. Having them donate their toys and old clothes to other children in need can have a tremendous effect. However, apart from hanging with their peers, children need to spend some time with adults as well, especially since they perceive adults as their role models. One of the main practices of both early education courses and aged care training involves organizing get-togethers of kids and the elderly. This is a win-win situation. Older folks are reminded of the innocence of a child and enjoy their company while kids learn about the life’s true worth and the importance of kindness first-hand.

Count your blessings

We have this terrible habit to constantly dwell on negative things in life. The majority of people will obsess over one negative critique even if they got hundreds of positive comments on something they’ve done. You don’t have to see a silver lining in everything, but just like that, you shouldn’t be looking for a fault in every single thing either. There are always a lot of things in every moment of your life to be grateful for. Amazing and beautiful things that are part of who you are. Don’t let negativity warp your personality. Everybody hurts some days but that’s fine. In those moments, it’s important to count your blessings and find your inner peace and reasons to stay happy and strong. Such strength will help you treat other people with the same positive attitude that you used to lift yourself back up. Showing kindness to yourself will help you show kindness to others. Additionally, the wave of satisfaction will soothe your own pain even more. This is a true form of the never-ending circle of kindness.

Remember, it’s never late to be kind or happy. However, this can be a tough lesson to learn. That’s why it’s so important to direct your kids to the right path from the early childhood. Still, be careful how you talk to yourself because you are always listening. Just like with everything else in life, you will make other people happy by allowing yourself the same privilege.

About author:

Tracey Clayton is a full time mom of three girls. She’s passionate about traveling, fashion and healthy living. Her motto is: “Live the life you love, love the life you live.”