As most of you probably know by now, Self Love Beauty is all about inspiring women to be confident and empowered in their own skin. Whether that’s though our Beautiful Me campaign or through sharing one of our community member’s stories, we are always striving to help all women reach their full potential.

As everyone is unique, there are many different ways to reach our potential. If you have been following the Self Love Beauty blog, you will have seen that one of these ways is through health and fitness. For many people, feeling healthy is feeling happy. For me, my healthy feeling comes from having a morning routine. Every morning, I wake up 1-2 hours before work and I always spend time on myself. Either I write or take a high intensity work out class (I love kickboxing, HILT and spin). Then I make sure I sit down and have a cup of coffee or matcha before I start my day. I find it extremely important to spend time on yourself daily.

To go along with this idea of feeling healthy, I’m excited to share with you a graphic from our friends over at Elysium Health which dives into some of the science behind being healthy. Elysium’s graphic mainly explores the benefits of improved metabolic health and how it affects us. Going a step further, the graphic even gives tips on how we can better our health through simple daily changes. Small changes to how we think about things like food, exercise, and sleep can really have a big impact on how we feel. The graphic also includes a snippet of advice from someone you might recognize (hint: it’s me!).

If this type of science interests you, Elysium has a few resources that further explore topics like NAD+ and even how to read a supplement label.

Health and fitness are two things that have changed how I live my life. I now make sure I get the right amount of sleep, I do work outs that I like and enjoy and I make sure to surround myself with people who make me enjoy life and make me laugh. There are SO many healthy benefits to that! What’s your healthy feeling?