Break ups are very hard. Either party of the mix feels some emotion they isn’t always fun. When people think about falling in love again after a break up, sometimes it seems impossible. However, one thing people don’t realize is that

“Sometimes falling in love after a break up doesn’t mean with someone else, it sometimes means with falling in love with your life.”

I think there are two ways to fall in love after a break up, either with your new life or with someone else. Maybe both sound impossible right now if you have just ended it with someone or maybe your praying that you won’t have to deal with either one because eventually your hoping you and your partner will get back together. I’ve been there. I have been there a couple times. It seems crazy to move on after a break up. Through the crying, anger, sadness and craziness of making it through the day without them seems impossible.

After my first break up I never thought I would move on. After months of tears, overthinking and figuring out what I wanted, I moved on. It took me picking up my own pieces and putting them back together. It took eight long months before I was ready to fall in love with my life again. My break up taught me to be determined in my goals and to go after the things I wanted in life that I put on hold because of someone else. It was never his choice to hold me back but I allowed myself to be held back instead.

“Live every moment, love beyond words and laugh every day.”

So how did you do it?

You find the strength inside of you that you didn’t know you had.  You give the time you need to cope then you make a list of all the things you want out of life and you make them happen. You use this part of your life as a stepping stone for the next best thing.

You make time for friends you didn’t before

You take the photography class you have been thinking about

You hike the grand canyon

You laugh and drink to much wine with friends

You go back to school for that masters degree you have been thinking about

For me, I used my break ups as time to focus on myself and what I really wanted. Eventually the right guy will come your way, but in the meantime take care of what you can.