This video is a little interesting since Barbies are playing these roles, however it does a great job showing the concept of what they are trying to do.

As you know swimsuit season is right around the corner. Many women are going on crash diets, starting to buy suits and of course doing anything to lose that extra weight to have that “perfect” body someone told them they needed to have. But what does the “perfect body” really mean? From society, we are taught it is a size 2, with no cellulite, big boobs and a tiny waist. But in reality that is not the case for many women nor should it be. The definition of the perfect body should not be dictated by what society says it should be. Instead, the perfect body should be determined by how you feel in your own skin.

The video, “Normal Barbie,” shows average bodily proportions and bodies adorned with marks, scars and natural makeup. This Barbie has been making her way in to the media for the past couple of years. She shows that all bodies are ready for the beach and that you should #DoYou.

In this video, the doll finds herself staring at society’s harshest beauty standards and many other Barbies that have very slim bodies, instead of showing what different women really look like around the world. It narrates what we see every day especially on social media. It points out the typical glammed-up girl in a bikini getting 200 likes on social media versus a girl doing something fun and different that only gets 3 likes.

It shows that society is part of the reason why girls feel the need to show off their bodies instead of becoming book smart or demanding respect from those they know. Society tells women this is okay and it is not. We should be complimenting each other on other things besides the way we look.

The message of the video is to do you, to be yourself. If we can laugh at the doll world and the standards there, we can use that to laugh at them in the real world and learn to just do you.

So remember #DoYou. Show yourself off this summer as you are and remember all women come in different shapes and sizes.